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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:52
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The World Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is like a heaven-sent land, where children’s dreams and fantasies seem to come true. Just like you are living a very personalized fairy-tale and a much appreciated perpetuating youth once you are all grown up!
I visited the Disney World ever since I was a 6-year-old and my divorced and remarried father used to take me and my brothers there, alongside our step brothers and sisters, for ten consecutive years. We would always go on October and what I do remember from back then is the smell of sun tan wafting. So many different aromas, flowery and sweet smells would fill up the city that made an interesting blend with the fabric softener of each passing by visitor, especially children.
Everywhere I looked, there was a piece of superb manicured gardens and landscapes that made my heart stop for a while. Beautiful yellow, green and red flowers would bloom all around me, perfecting an already perfect portrait and sending mesmerizing scents. The weather was splendid and the sun felt like caressing me at that particular time of the year, rather than burning me.
Eddie and Michael, my two older brothers would go crazy with the rides and performances, so their laughing and singing would mix with a universal-like rhythm, which everybody seemed to listen to and sing along, when in the Disney World. Courtney and Austin, my younger step-siblings would take placid naps in their checked petite prams most of the time, while the rest of us were on and off rides, teasing and holding each other’s hand to feel safe.
Another great thing is that you could actually touch and get your photo taken with one of your most favorite Disney characters, like Minnie and Daisy. I remember how soft Minnie’s dress was and her strange gargling voice that made me have a pensive look in my childish eyes every time I would go near her!
Until my father and his second wife divorced, we would come to the Disney World every year, and two years after I stopped coming with my family, I returned for my honeymoon! So, it seems that I will be feeding into this, kind of established by now, tradition to my 2-month-old son, Cameron.
Living in a small town in Mississippi where the most interesting thing to do was go to Wal-Mart, been given the chance to visit the Disney World seemed like out-of-this-world. Filling my childhood with such memorable and happy family moments made me a contented child and a fulfilled mother that has lots to offer to her newborn. The Disney World will always be for me the place that is tightly woven with some of my life’s most loving memories.

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