Example Of Technology Software In Learning Sight Words Instruction For Students With Significant Research Proposal

Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:15
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Research problem
Children with disabilities have a double task in the learning process compared to their mates. Sight words are important because they give children with disabilities the opportunity to learn through reading. Sight words are words that are put on flash cards. Children with disabilities can, therefore, be able to identify the words when presented with a collection of flash cards. It takes practice for the children to learn these words. Children need practice and master the words over a long period, which makes the process a tiresome one. Therefore, such children could greatly benefit with the help of technology in reading the flash cards. Their work would have been eased for them, and they can take one further step towards learning.
Justification of the research problem
Many scholars have conquered with the sentiments about technology and children’s’ learning. It would be good if the learning systems were automated for easy access and understanding by children. Most of these children need help in order to fully grasp the concept and perfect their reading. Such help is extended to them through their parents and guardians. However, the parents might not be available for help at all times. In addition, the teaching requires patience since these children have a disability (Kapoor, 2014). The patience and attention may not be available at home. Technology will play a big role in continuously helping children reading all the time. Some of the technology sighted includes a smart voice recognition application. Children can read the words in the device, which would then correct them and offer solutions to their reading problems. In addition, technology through devices such as phones and tablets would give children a variety of words and exercises. Technology would, therefore, give children with significant disabilities a fair chance in learning (Edyburn, 2000). In addition, the advanced methods of study will be ideal for their disabilities because it would devise ways to make the study interesting and easy for them.
Deficiencies in the study
Technology has been used for normal teaching in classrooms. However, there has been little evidence as to the effectiveness in disability. Children adopt technology for sight words all the time, but little has been done for those with disabilities. Hence, the effectiveness of such software might not be guaranteed. Many scholars have talked about technology for disabled people but evidence if still lacking for the use and manageability of such a technology in for disabled persons. However, if such technology is sufficient for normal children, advancement could be ideal for those who have disabilities.
Purpose statement
Software for sight words will have a positive reinforcement for people with disabilities. Research shows that the technology improves educational aspects of children by over 30%. Therefore, it has the same chances of improving the learning performance of children who have disabilities. However, the effectiveness of such software requires a proper framework for its functioning (Browder & Cooper-Duffy, 2003). It should be effortless to grasp, and should give a better performance than teachers. Children find it hard to operate technological devices. It would be exceedingly hard for those with significant disabilities. The process can be remedied through making the software easy to understand and operate. The software should be made specifically for those people with disabilities. Such specifics should cover all areas in cognitive performance whose functioning is hindered by particular disabilities. Through the above, all children who have disabilities can enjoy the services offered.
The effect of using technology software for sight words is that it will provide a better reading platform for children with disabilities.
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