Example Of Research Proposal On Data Analysis

Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:16
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There is a growing use of social media at workplace. This is a problem because it leads to reduction and fall in productivity which is unacceptable to organizations. In order to find out the trends and patterns of the problem, a brief survey was conducted.
There are two types of data in the entire analysis where measures of central tendency can be used. These two categories of data are age and time spent on social media during work hours. The mean of the age will tell us what age group uses the social media the most. Similarly, number of hours spent on social media will tell us about how much work hours are spent on social media on average. These figures will be very useful in making decision about the use social media in workplace. A policy can be made after the analysis of these two measures of central tendency regarding how much time on social media is allowed during the work hours.
The data has been coded using sequential numerical values. It means creating ranges and then grouping them in terms of how many people answered with that option. This makes the analyst’s work easier as he has to comment on the sequence and categories that were answered.
The most important type of graph to be used in the survey is the pie chart. The reason behind using this graph is the fact that there are different types of social media applications that are used by the workforce. Since, it is important to understand what percentages of people use each of these applications. The pie chart will tell us by giving us a visual picture of the use.
Similarly, it is important to use pie charts in the data analysis because the visual impact easier to understand than verbatim. For example, by seeing the pie chart, one can determine at a glance regarding the most famous or popular social media network. It will be much easier than read words. Hence, the use of charts will be encourage in the study that is being conducted to give a better picture to the whole analysis and making the data easier to understand for the readers.
Zikmund, W. (2013). Business research methods. Mason, OH: South-Western.

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