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Published: 2021-06-21 23:51:09
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MOOCs standing for Massive Open Online Courses happen to be a new educational tool for transformation in the education sector. MOOCs have created and generated lots of excitement in the recent years among majority in the world. MOOCs seems so promising the main target being students who are signing up for them in large numbers. In the advent of technology and online communication platforms, MOOCs are gaining ground by the day.
However, these MOOCs have raised controversies there are several problems being imposed by this type of courses. Nevertheless students still enroll for these courses with the hope of acquiring sophisticated skills and better payment in the job industry. There is the impending disruption to higher education from what it was back then and what it is currently. The effects MOOCs have caused been heavily discussed in summits and meetings so as to try and dig deep on its merits and demerits.
Most of the MOOCs are, usually, funded by capitalists who at the end of it all expect a profit. Being commercial the quality of education obtained will be poor. Also, research has shown that most students find it boring, and some assume the given assignments thus not doing them forgetting they are for their help. To add onto that the education provided for this courses are free, and most students just do them for the sake of taking them and many are those who never complete these courses.
This way higher education is interrupted since fewer people go for it opting MOOCs. Online courses largely are affecting the way most universities operate and that is why major meetings are being held behold universities will never at any one-time stand in the way of the society.
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Lawton, William, and Alex Katsomistros. MOOCs and disruptive innovation: the challenge to HE business models. London: Observatory on Borderless Higher Education, 2012.

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