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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:37
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Report of a Research Article on Social Marginalization
Report of a Research Article on Social Marginalization
This paper is a brief report of the research article by Lynam and Cowley (2007) entitled “Understanding marginalization as a social determinant of health.” The paper will also include innovative suggestions on how social marginalization can be addressed.
marginalization are highly associated with poor physical and mental health over the life time and contribute to health inequalities. More troubling is the fact that a recent research study conducted in Britain indicates that the effects of social marginalization are cumulative and individuals belonging to ‘ethnic minorities’ are at high risk. The current study sought to illustrate the ways in which social marginalization creates conditions that make immigrants vulnerable as well as the ways in which such exclusion influences health. The data for the study was collected from at risk persons; immigrant mothers and their teenage girls.
The study was conducted in two countries; Britain and Canada. It established that social marginalization was a central attribute of the participants’ relationships with others. The authors used Bourdieu’s theory as the framework for their study. It was used to explore the processes that contribute to social exclusion and the conditions in the wider society that maintain and propagate them. The participants reported that their potential is often unrecognized, chances to establish new relationships are thwarted, and opportunities to get new competences are eclipsed by the assumptions about them held by others. The authors further illustrated the impact of markers such as color and associated assumptions on social processes and their influences on health.
Finally and borrowing from Bourdieu, they illustrated the ways in which terms associated with marginalization and the exclusion practices associated with such terms can be overcome, and in so doing, help to redress the processes that create an environment for health inequalities. Social marginalization can be overcome through enactment of inclusive policies at various levels such as schools, communities, and workplaces and through tackling of barriers to engagement and participation through activities such as educational empowerment programs for ethnic minority groups. Creation of public awareness and challenging of the assumptions that sustain marginalization practices through the media are other ways of dealing with the issue. To mitigate the impact of marginalization on health, the government should provide subsidized health insurance for such groups. This will ensure that the groups are not disadvantaged in accessing health services.
In conclusion, this paper is a concise summary of the primary research article by Lynam and Cowley (2007) entitled “understanding marginalization as a social determinant of health.” The paper also provides innovative suggestions on how the issue of social marginalization can be addressed.
Lynam, M. J. & Cowley, S. (2007). Understanding marginalization as a social determinant of health. Critical Public Health, 17(2), 137–149.

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