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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:23
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14th October 2013
Ever since I was young I based my interests in business and their way of operation. I always got fascinated by different languages and their cultural differences as well as well as their interaction to develop business relationships. Born in Southern Korea and brought up in Canada I always told myself that when I start my university program I have to pursue a foreign language which would in future enhance my involvement in international business. I believe that combining my degree with this aspect was a correct choice for me since entering University of Oregon. I am a senior at the institution taking a course of international business and I am relishing the thought of learning to integrate with other countries globally. The idea of acquiring the full concept of communicating with other people worldwide is something that has always had an appeal to me.
I have chosen international business program since my future vocation is to go back to South Korea and help my father to run his international business. This program is effective because of its emphasis on foreign languages, international focus and group work. The group work conducted with my fellow students who come from different backgrounds will be a base for my new found confidence in my own ideas and abilities for my future goal.
My specific geographic area include various courses such as Asian Horror, Tokyo Cyberpunk and Korean 303. I have completed my 3rd year language requirement for Korean language up to 3rd year level and this has enabled me to improve on my accent, confidence level and word choice to surpass and equal skills which are efficient and effective for daily use in business. Through this study I have also become fully immersed in the Korean Culture and found this very rewarding since in the current broadening global market, I am fully aware of the importance of an asset being multi-lingual since it will help in enhancing my marketability in my future international endeavors.
My profession concentration is International Business. Working at my fathers business in Southern Korea will require me to contain and maintain effective and strategic communication and marketing skills. Economic boundaries disappear partly due to electronic communication proliferation which leads to prompt information transfer of marketing, manufacturing, sales and outsourcing. International Business will help me enable the simplicity of product movement internationally due to proper knowledge in transportation hubs, growing networks of distribution, and supply chains. International business is a field that also assists me in becoming a business professional and thus helping me enhance my father’s international business by increasingly serving the needs of customers worldwide.
My preferred faculty advisor is a marketing professor named Lynn Kahle and taught me International marketing 470. My knowledge in Korean language will have a great impact in my future career in International business in my fathers business. Both combined act as a strategic measure towards my career objectives. The language will help with my interaction with both the local and international businesses and investors. I want to help my father achieve the best business internationally and I therefore my major aim of studying the Korean language was in order to understand business locally and interact effectively with local investors as I pave my way to other parts of the country. For me to achieve my goals in helping my father’s international business I require proper knowledge of how the business operates locally, our clients locally, our customers, competitors, suppliers and other ties that the business has established in Southern Korea. The language will also help me carry our effective analysis on the Korean business people who are based in other parts of the country so that we can enhance a good international business relationship.
In order to be successful in business both locally and internationally, effective communication strategy is very essential. It is important to understand each other while carrying out business together and this also helps prevent confusion during the decoding stage of a message. In international business, learning and understanding other languages is very essential and it enhances good understanding of the business partners and therefore will help us establish proper international business relationships. This also is a promise of more deals to come in our way and it will help me in assisting my father cover a wide global market share and thus more profits. Language and international business work together. Every business deal requires effective communication and understanding to avoid mistakes or wrong message interpretation. Therefore, for me to study Korean language and combine it with International Business, it acts as a competitive advantage towards the global market. This is a strategy that will provide great opportunities for my fathers company due to the fact that I will also be able to easily interact with customers and get to understand their needs clearly since we can speak the same language. I want to establish strategic business concepts for my fathers business in most of the Asian countries and in future stretch to Africa. Establishing of proper and good relations in international market is my goal immediately I join my father’s business.
Work Cited
Bargiela-Chiappini, Francesca and Sandra Harris. The Languages of Business: An International Perspective. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1997.

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