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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:33
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The Admissions Review Committee,
Radiology Technologist Program
Ref: Recommendation Letter for Ms. Lisa Ewing
It gives me a great pleasure to write a strong recommendation letter for Ms. Lisa Ewing. As the office manager for Orange Cardiology Associates, I was instrumental and primarily responsible for recruiting Ms. Lisa Ewing as a receptionist about one year ago. Having interacted with her on a daily basis regarding patient appointments, concerns, and complaints, I believe that I am in an excellent position to evaluate and make a recommendation for her candidacy to admission into the Radiology Technologist Program at the XYZ University.
Ms. Lisa Ewing is exceptional with her people’s skills. With a smiling face and pleasant voice, she interacts with all customers including the patients, medical representatives, and other sales people with ease, professionalism and expertness. Lisa is very forth coming in helping patients and genuinely interested in directly answering their concerns and questions. Her work ethics are excellent and I never had an occasion to address any issues related to work or otherwise. As an illustration of her outright helping nature and concern for patients, let me give couple simple examples. Whenever Lisa observes an elderly person limping or walking with a cane in approach of our physician’s offices, she walks briskly to them in helping them navigate the steps and doors. As patients start to leave following their visit, Lisa makes it a point to be certain that they understand the physician’s follow-up visit instructions.
The Orange Cardiology Associates is very busy practice with over 25 cardiologists and 75 other healthcare professionals (HCP). Lisa had many opportunities in observing and understanding the roles and responsibilities of various healthcare professionals at our offices. She is highly interested in human physiology and modern technologies used in monitoring or diagnosis of human disease. Lisa shows high interest and aptitude to learn about human anatomy. Her interest in human anatomy becomes quite transparent in the way she poses several questions to our physicians.
Knowing that Lisa is highly motivated to seek higher education, many HCPs encouraged her to pursue a career in healthcare. With pleasant manners and welcoming facial expressions, Lisa would be an excellent fit into the personnel dealing directly and constantly with patients.
In conclusion, I have absolutely no hesitation to strongly endorse and recommend Ms. Lisa Ewing to the Radiology Technologist Program. I earnestly urge the admissions committee to afford the utmost consideration to Lisa’s candidacy. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need additional information.
John Doe

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