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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:54
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In spite of great places I have visited recently, Kisumu town remains the most salient place in my life. I like the hot and wet climate of my town which is due to the presence of the largest lake in the world known as Victoria providing beautiful scenery for relaxation in the afternoon hours. Lake Victoria provides a good relaxation point from the hustles and bustles of the main town with beautiful beaches and worldwide restaurants from which one observes the activities ongoing on the lake.
As I pay a visit in one of the restaurant along Lake Victoria, my eye falls onto the painting in a picture frame hanged on the wall of the restaurant. What attracts my attention is the way the people in the paint are working together in harmony man to woman. Definitely this is Francois Millet painting with a large title inscribed at the top Angelues.
I imagine how hard the ancient times were since I can see three people in the painting sowing seeds using their hands. Men are splitting the wood. The most fascinating part of it is how possible it is to plough the land using hands! At present time using a jembe has become cumbersome but in this picture people ploughed using their own hands. This issue prompts questions in my heart that I cannot answer. I am left wondering on whether the present generation lazier is compared to the former generation. This is simply because of many cases in the suburbs of the Kisumu town of people languishing in poverty when there are large tracks of land resource lying idle and yet there is enough equipment to plough and utilize the land resource to sustain the community from poverty.

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