Example Of How Did European Colonialism Affect The Emergence Of Nation-States In Northern Africa Article Review

Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:52
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The impact of colonialism can be seen in major processes like political structures of countries in North Africa. This is experienced through various forms such as political fragility and instability. The idea of forming the state came about when movements were formed for identification between people and ruling bodies. Democratic ideals have led to rifts dealing with identity. Lack of known common identity weakens bonds leading to disunity. This results to failure of structures used in solving domestic and foreign problems. Also, the right to self-determination between rulers and the ones being ruled in some situations is wanting. Due to legitimacy and desirability of each of them to be recognised it has led to unfair a situation which is a threat to peace. This has greatly contributed to the deterioration of moral levels (Soltan 29)
This discussion can be linked to the one in north Africa in various ways; National identities-it refers to territorially based identification where the sovereignty of state is invested, Regional identities-it is also regarded as supra -national for instance, a self-proclaimed national identity. Primordial identities-comprises of tribal, racial, cultural and is common in Libya, Sudan and Algeria, Universal identities-these are identities that claim to be inclusive for people regardless of their nationals. North Africa mainly comprises of Arab nations which, however, have the experience of territory based identity (Soltan 30). Recent global developments have also made adaptation a must to people in these countries (Rozovsky 15).
In the aspect of modernization that refers to dismantling and replacement of traditional structures with new ones we have also resulted to worsening of situations since it is mainly applicable in Europe and North America which are industrialized. It came under heavy pressure to these countries thus instead of improving conditions it only worsened, for instance, the French invasion in Egypt. There is also a bit of marginal phenomenon which is facing different fundamentalism resulting to conflicts.
Since the modernisation is unstoppable, the challenge can be broken into three parts that are bringing peace, economic development and democratization (Rozovsky 15).
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