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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:14
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Germany is governed by the federal parliamentary system whose powers are vested in the parliament of Germany called Bundestag and the Bundesrat, which is the representative body of the Lander. German is headed by the chancellor, Angel Markel whose party is the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).In Germany; Christians form the largest religion, approximately 62% of the population. Islam follows after Christians with an approximate 5% of the total population.
How the course changed my views about Germans and Germany
In my opinion about the freedom of expression, I believed that the federal parliament advocated for willingly expressing oneself. However, from the lesson, I learnt that under article five, the government may regulate the manner in which people talk. Insult is punishable by law. Dignity of human beings is highly valued under parts 186 and 187. Any hate talk that may distract the calmness of the society is punishable. Moreover any speech that may be proved to be malicious and defamatory is punishable by law.
What surprised me about Germans and Germany?
What surprised me is the leniencies on the german roads.Most of the roads have no restriction on the speed limit and motorists are allowed to drive at their own speed as long as they are in control. This contrary to the norms in other countries where the government regulates the speed limit of vehicles on the roads. In Germany the federal government imposes speed limits which are in multiples of 1okm/h. In built-up areas the driver is allowed a speed of 50km/h and 100km/h where the area has no buildings. 60% of Germany’s autobahns have no restriction on speed limit. However at some parts of the highway, the speed limit is approximately 120km/h. This information was surprising since the German constitution prioritizes and values human life. Other countries have set speed limits on all roads at a high of 100km/h. According to surveys, Germany is in eight positions on the number of deaths accidents per kilometer. More surprising is the proposal presented in parliament to regulate speed on vehicles which has received a lot of resistance by the legislators.
Most important lessons from the course
Before studying this course could hardly explain the revolution of Christians in Germany. This occurred as a result of social movement called the reformation led by Martin Luther (1483-1546).he taught Christians that salvation was only possible through faith. He rejected all forms of sacrament the cult of the mother of God and worship of all forms of Church statues. Reformation is therefore the source of democracy in the church.
Work cited
Evans, S. "Autobahn speed limits: Germany’s love of the first lane." BBC News Magazine16 May 2003: n. pag. Print.

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