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Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:15
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Page 18 Exercises 1-4.
In keeping a journal for a 24-hour period of where I was getting my information, I found that for the majority of it, I either logged onto CNN.com, my preferred news source, or clicked on links in my newsfeed of my Facebook profile. I noticed that with CNN, I tended to only skim the headlines to get a general idea of what was happening in the world. When I am on the Internet, I was never really fully engaged in the information I was receiving, as when I was watching the news on TV. I tended to have on average about 8 different windows open, and so I would bring up CNN.com haphazardly between tasks.
Exercise 2:
In the last ten years my Aunt has transitioned to receive most of her media use has come from the Internet. She uses both new and traditional media. She has stopped receiving a daily newspaper. She is, however, still a radio listener and this is her preferred way of getting information.
In the last five years she has begun getting her information in the media from the newsfeed of her Facebook page (she only signed up three years ago). As a 60-year-old woman, this is new for her and she finds it very exciting, but thinks that the information she gets on the radio is more dependable.
Exercise 3:
The audience for a student paper is other students. While they will come from a diverse background, the audience’s identity as students unite them. All of them have decided to attend college, which says a lot about them. Most of them will be young, and with youth I have found comes more idealism.
The audience could better use the student paper if they made it a habit to use it as a source of information that is a clearing house for events and happenings that provides a niche source of that information.
Exercise 4:
In the news today is a package bomb that killed the wife of a Tennessee Lawyer. Both CNN.com and FoxNews.com have covered this story in a distinct way. Both are writing in a newspaper copy format in which the most important information is related first. Above the copy both sites have a video box for readers who want to watch the story rather than read it. Fox New’s coverage focused more on the victim’s family; this made their story seem more sentimental. CNN chose to cover it from the angle of the police report, which had more of a newsy feel than Fox’s coverage.
Article sources:
Page 68-71 Exercises 1-3 :
- The N.C. Senate stripped Lt. Gov. Stanley Greene of his powers.
- The Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism, William Williams, will speak to students about graduation requirements on Wednesday afternoon.
- The students are expected to being the test at 9 a.m. Tuesday. Pg. 69
- The President lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but his mail is delievered to U.S. Post Office on 22nd St.
- The state Senate is expected to enact a bill to require polio vaccinations for children under the age of 2.
- Alaskan airlines closed the airport in Medford, O.R. was closed yesterday after a jet made an emergency landing on the runway. pg. 70
23. The 5-year-old boy got on the wrong bus and was missing for 2 hours.
24. Sara sold 202 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to her neighbors on Sweetbriar Parkway and Pantego Ave. 2. From 10 a.m-2 p.m. a regional meeting will be held for the faculty members from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the Holiday Inn in the state capital.
At a luncheon program, professor Walter Blayless will be speaking on the topic of cigarette advertising and the effect on the nation’s young people of today.
The meeting, sponsored by AEJMC, is exemplary of the several regional meetings the organization holds across the country each year. The national meeting is held each August in different locations around the country.
- Who can attend?
- Can the public attend?
- What information is there from previous years?
List of steps:
- First I looked at all the numbers, dates, times and addresses to see if they fit with AP.
- Then I looked at all of the information to determine which information was more important to list it first.
Pg. 71
3. In the online story I would lead with the speaker Walter Blayless, and then let readers know that he is going to be speaking at the regional meeting.
Words to be linked: AEJMC, professor Walter Blayless, School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
Pg. 104
1. The city budget for the coming year will include raises for the city’s fire fighters.
2. An incoming ice storm will affect whether we can drive to work tomorrow.
3. The state historical society will reenact the signing of the state constitutional in the Capital.
4. The country naval force has been reduced.
5. The desire for money is his guiding force in business.
6. The coach aid the team ignored his advice to make it a passing game.
Pg. 105
7. Jiminy Cricket said Pinocchio should let his conscience be his guide.
8. The engineer eliminated the High Road site because it sloped too much.
9. Returning the stolen car to its owner is the best decision.
10. The most effective writing follows good writing principals.
1. To expedite the delivery, the company will ad a third delivery truck on Monday.
2. We will have pizza for dinner regardless.
3. Currently she works as assistant to the president, but may change jobs by the end of the year.
4. Customers paying for a family pack will save money in the long run.
5. Students voted Thursday to determine the status of dormitory living conditions.
6. Claredon Park residents will march Saturday to protest the city council’s decision to annex the neighborhood.
7. If the school makes alumni feel as if they are still part of the school, it should have no problem reaching its fundraising goal.
8. Against the wishes of churchgoers, the residents of the neighborhood said they would petition the city council to allow beer sales before 11 a.m. on Sunday.
9. Fifteen scholarship winners will be given $15,000 for academic achievement to be applied to the college of their choice.
10. Child-care experts disagree over if children should be spanked as part of disciplinary techniques.
- 1. Susan is director of marketing sales.2. He served as president of the Rotary Club. Pg. 106. 3. The elementary school will need twenty-five acres for a multipurpose building, playground, and ball fields. 4. Fire destroyed the down hall in June. 5. The outlook for the economy indicates interest rates may rise slightly. 6. The circus will be at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Sunday.7. The picnic will be canceled since two-thirds of people did not respond. 8. She climbed up a tree to get a better look at the defendant. 9. John went on to say that any student’s effort should be recognized. 10. The Broadway show will close six months after it began. 4. Article selected: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/14/sports/olympics/new-luge-relay-fraught-with-thoughts-of-missing-the-tag.html?hp&_r=0The New York times article “From Flat on Their Backs, Sliders Rise to Play Tag For The Team” showcased the following good writing techniques. The title conveyed the information related. It did not use redundant words. The writing was concise. The most important information was listed first. All numbers, times and dates were in line with AP style guidelines.

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