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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:35
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Doing an internship at Disney is definitely a remarkable experience for any young graduates. The Disney professional internship has open new horizons in the field of mass communication for the young graduates worldwide. It provides a big chance for the students to work in a very professional environment of the real business world. Doing an internship is Disney channel is once in a lifetime opportunity. Internship opportunity in Disney is a great chance to be selected in a number of disciplines. This opportunity will motivate graduates to bring their passion and enthusiasm to work daily. It is a golden chance to work for a world-renowned organization and while gaining valuable work experience in the most professional atmosphere. ("disneyprogramsblog.com")

In order to apply for an internship at Disney channel, you have to submit your resume at . In case, if any international student wants to apply for an internship at Disney then he must send his resume at . However, it is important to state that there is no information given on the website regarding any specific person, who will review or contact applicants. Moreover, there are no contact phone numbers for the applicants available on the internet. (Doyle)

In order to apply for an internship at Disney, first you have to go to Disneycareer.com and find the appropriate position according to your interest. After selection position, you will have to create a profile. After creating profile, you will be asked to fill a questionnaire for the position you are applying for and finally you will be asked to upload your resume. After you apply at Disney, you will receive a confirmation acknowledgement email from Disney. It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to receive a response from Disney but this time can be increased depending upon the number of resumes received for particular posts. (Hoyos)


Following the opening of Disney International Program, I write to apply for the post of Internee in your company. I am interested in working in a challenging position that requires efficiency, effectiveness, complete commitment towards work; professionalism along with the tendency for continuing improvement and development. I find the position at communication department is the best option for me to achieve my objective. I am well versed in written and spoken U.S. English and Arabic and I can show flexibility in various working environments. I am a quick learner and have very good problem solving skills

Currently I am doing a Bachelor of Science in communication studies with specialization in communication studies. My bachelor degree will be finished by November 2015. I was the member of student communication studies association of Department of Communication studies in Frostburg University.

I am sure that I can work in your organization and hence I request an opportunity to prove myself in front of you in an interview. I believe given a chance I would become an asset to any organization immediately. I can prove my skills and abilities in order to plan a successful media campaign by effectively utilizing given resources. I am self-motivated individual with strong problem solving abilities, looking for a post that permit me to utilize my skills so that the outcome can be used for the benefit of the organization. It would be a great opportunity for me to join your company and work in order to achieve goals.

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