Example Of Creative Writing On Timeline Of Love

Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:39
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Five months fleeted away, and how sad I am today,
Hina my love of every day, how I long to see your face,
Our love fragrance of fresh hay, to blossom to firmament phase,
How slow the days drag, in anticipation of your imminence,
Eight months and you’ll flag, our journey of love’s providence
You are the one I knew, the anointed day I met you,
The red dress artfully hewn, adorning you a graceful hue,
Like keys jumping to a tune, your hair in the breeze flew,
How time flew, in the listening to your musical tune,
It was due but I wish it were not true, a few more words rejoicing in you,
The beautiful ones are few, but them all you outdo.
At the mall again for you I fell, in love all over again,
How you and that dress jell, a cure for the eye in strain,
And the gloom that made you swell, I’d figure but all in vain,
How I wish I would make you well, at my failure I reflect in disdain,
Fate had dealt me well, for love for you dwelt in my vein,
Who would plan this love spell, its love at first sight I know, for I felt its pain,
Do you remember that drive? Shopping for my wedding suit,
Precious hard I tried connive, but awry your brothers put,
The burning attempt to thrive, regrettably banished to the rut,
How hard my heart pound, in need to you to talk,
And my spirit dove, of your brother’s presence I wouldn’t talk,
Voila the big day, one enshrined in my heart,
The genesis of our odyssey, where our union would start,
I knew what I wanted to say, to our love and pact,
‘I do was your say’, and off our ship jerked,
What radiance in my heart lay, how your eyes sparked,
What my prayer may, shall it be an eternal pact.
At the sea side restaurant, sat on sides opposite,
In my food, how could there be any salt, with opposite such a beauty exquisite,
How supple your lips are, I could not help but stare,
Of the food I couldn’t care, but for my love for you to declare,
The beautiful sunset in our glare, you and I by the balcony,
Oh the start of my nightmare, the moment I had to leave,
Since then heart my stares, oh! Emptiness my heart grieves,
How soon it was not fair, on the runway like two bereaved,
The drive home and the drive back, watching you turn your back,
How I would take that day back, for it is the stain that paints my heart black,
How soon might you pack, this longing this cry my dear hark!
How I miss home, but it’d not matter if you were here with me,
For love is our dome, our act the world will see,
Unbridled love at its epitome, in eternity I declare for thee,
Sorrow your beauty to mask, the prove my incivility,
Hina for me you the first, conquered all my invincibility
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