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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:51
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Human trafficking has and continues to generate varied interpretations across various settings all over the globe. According to recent researches close to twenty million people are trafficked annually across different parts of the world. As such, human trafficking has evolved into a global issue as it results in abuse and coercion of vulnerable populations inclusive but not limited to women and children. Worth noting is the fact that people who fall victim of human trafficking are transported to different nations where they are coerced to engage in inhumane activities such as prostitution (Farrell 8) .
In addition, the victims of human trafficking are forcefully engaged in severe forms of servitude including forced labor (Farrell 24). Overall, human trafficking is a modern form of slavery, which should be addressed in a timely manner in order to curb the severe effects it causes to the society at large. Many at times, the perpetuators of human trafficking lure victims with fraudulent promises on high lifestyles wherever they will be taken. In other cases, victims of human trafficking are lured to these fake promises by people they trust such as close relatives and friends. Instead of being accorded the prestigious promises, they are forced commercial and private servitude such as working in factories and other forms of forced labor.
There exist a number of initiatives devised by the international community with the primary intent of reducing the prevalence of human trafficking. Above all, the international community has incorporated information on human trafficking onto different materials such as training and conference manuals (Farrell 9). This aids in alleviating the occurrence of human trafficking because it creates awareness amongst the public on the how various issues regarding this menace. Besides, the international community has established a kitty to source funds from various avenues. Such funds are crucial in supporting initiatives aimed at reducing the prevalence of human trafficking.
On another note, different awareness campaigns carried out through various events such as films have offered comprehensive platforms crucial in addressing issues aligned with human trafficking. Finally, law enforcement official across different parts of the world have and continue to join hand with the international community in fighting against this issue (Farrell 64). Arguably, it is the responsibility of every government to protect its citizens from human trafficking. Therefore, government agencies should carry out investigations on human trafficking, arrest and charge those found guilty of perpetuating this menace.
In conclusion, victim centered approaches appear to be the most viable options to assisting victims of human trafficking. The international community should establish codes that allow countries to offer immigration relief to victim of human trafficking. This will allow repatriation of victims of crimes to their original home with minimal disturbance. Everybody has a role to play in assisting the international community in curbing human trafficking. As such, everyone should be aware of various indicators of human trafficking in order to identify such cases and take necessary action (Farrell 102).
Work Cited
Farrell, Courtney. Human Trafficking. Edina, Minn: ABDO Pub, 2011. Print.

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