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Published: 2021-06-21 23:45:34
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Systems applications overview

The system is intended to be used by the bank users. This is a system that will be used by Lottsa Financial Services Bank customers to manage their accounts. The system will also be used by the staff of the bank to manage the client accounts.

System users

The users of the system are the clients of the bank and the staff of the bank. The clients of Lottsa Financial Services Bank should be able to access their accounts and transact some basic operations regarding their accounts. This should be offered by the system in a seamless connectivity. The staff should be able to manage the accounts of the clients without any interruptions and lapses of the system.

Project initiator/sponsor

The project is sponsored by the CEO of Lottsa Financial Services Bank. The stakeholders include the clients of the bank and the users.

System capabilities

The system should be able to offer the clients with the capabilities to self-administer some transactions of their bank accounts. This should be offered with security being kept with utmost care. The system should also be able to communicate with the different systems that are available in the organization even with any difference that might be found in the programming language. The different programming languages that will be used to develop the different systems in the bank should not bring problems in the communication process.

Objectives and goals of the application system

There are different goals that are needed for the information system. One of the goals of the application system is to enable Lottsa Financial Services Bank clients to manage their accounts from their locations. The clients should have a portal where they will be able to access their accounts with ease and without any security threats being introduced to the system and business process.

Another goal of the system is to be able to enable the different components of the system to be able to communicate seamlessly with the different platforms that they have been developed. The different programming languages that have been used to develop the systems should not be an issue in the communication process of the overall information system.

Another objective of the system is that Lottsa Financial Services Bank should be able to enhance and expand the system to accommodate future business processes. There are long-term goals that Lottsa Financial Services Bank has put in place and the new system should be able to accommodate these new requirements.

Elicitation methods for gathering requirements

There are elicitation methods that will be used to gather the system requirements of the new web portal. Requirements elicitation is a term that is used in requirements engineering that means gathering or extracting requirements from stakeholders like clients before a database is developed. For this exercise to be effective, some techniques are applied. One of the techniques used is interviewing the stakeholders. In the case of the system, the IT department will gather the requirements from the clients of the bank and what they want to have with the proposed system. They can be given questionnaires to fill that have the questions about what they want the new system to have. The analyst uses a list of guiding questions to elicit requirements from the user. This technique is applicable to single or group of people. Workshops can be conducted to act as a means of requirements elicitation technique. System analysts and the clients are able to discuss issues relating to the development of the database. Another technique is by reviewing the existing documentation on the systems and the stakeholders’ requirements. This gives insight to the analyst on how the old system is before the development of the new system.

Functional requirements

The functional requirements of the system include the need for the system to enable clients to access their bank accounts efficiently. They should be able to access the system using any interface. They should be able to use any platform to access the system. The users should also be able to use their mobiles to access the system. The mobile version of the information system should be enabled. Another functional requirement is that the system should be able to transact basic operations on their accounts with ease. The system should be updated immediately. The database should get the updates on the transactions that have been undertaken by the client. The system should also be able to handle errors efficiently (Grady, 2010).

The testing will have to test the functions that have been met in the system. One way of testing the communication with the database is to have a log of the database and how the transactions are handled. The error detection is handled by introducing some worst-case scenarios to the system like how it will handle simultaneous transactions like deposit and withdrawal at the same time (Pohl, 2010).

The non-functional requirements of the system include having a secure transactional process. The client account should be safe and secure. Another non-functional requirement includes having a system which will respond on time to the transaction initiated from the client end. The usability of the system should be simple and easy for the clients.
This will be tested by checking the platforms from which the system is undertaken. One way of ensuring this is that it should be tested to see how secure the mobile interface works. The performance can be tested by checking the time it takes to undertake a transaction.

Assumptions and constraints

There are issues and constraints that hinder the implementation of the new project and these include the cost, time frame and the human resource that is required to implement the system. In addition, we have the issue of staff sabotage where a number of staff is not ready to accommodate the changes that are brought to the department. Therefore, they try to bring down the system by, for example, giving the wrong input (Pohl, 2010).

One assumption that is made is that internet connectivity is possible with the bank’s clients. The clients have internet access from their different locations.


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