Example Of Course Work On Rorschach Interpretation

Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:37
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This client oversimplifies issues and does not deal with feelings. The client views just the most obvious issues. This surface evaluation leads to conflicts with others. The client cannot resist drama in part due to her lack of adequate openness to experience and her view of herself and the world. Because of her overly narrow focus, the client misses subtle nuances of social situations. Her tendency to overlook nuance leads to a low tolerance for uncertainty and so she favors simple solutions and structure.
The client has an ability to organize her inner life and emotional availability. This client has both intuitive and thinking skills. Unfortunately, this client uses intellectualization as defense. Although she has a good ability to deal with stress, she distances herself from emotion.

The client pays too much attention to big picture, because of this she does not attend to common or unusual features. Her tendency to grasp complex relationships comes at the expense of the mundane and details. Because of this, she expends too much energy than necessary for the task and may be showing off. This is consistent with how the client strives for more than capable of, categorizing her as a grandiosity, type A.

Over incorporating, puts in too much effort, takes in more info than can be organized efficiently, excessive attention to detail, needs more info than most to make decisions, re-does work over and over, perfectionism and indecisiveness, confident in abilities.

Others often perceive the client as trustworthy, cooperative, easy to be around. As a result this person feels well regarded. Interactions are reasonably free of chaos, consistent with a history of engaging in effective and adaptive relationships that are successful and rewarding. However at times she can be more guarded, distant; needing more personal space.

When looking at the end in the spectrum it could be schizoid, manifesting as low self esteem and low self worth.

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