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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:14
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Organizational structure in nursing practice comprises of shared values, behavioral norms and beliefs that have set by a given organization unit. It is crucial to note that the organizational culture influences the outcomes of a given organization because it shapes the attitude of the employees (Bolman, 2008). Also, all employees are expected to value and abide by the organizational code and creed in order to avoid internal conflict within the organization. Also, organizational structure in a health facility enables its employees to resolve any conflicts or overcome barriers encountered by the staff. It is significant to understand that there are four cultures within a given organization: rational, humanistic, political, and symbolic. This paper will examine how the four basic organizational cultures integrate in the field of nursing.

First, the rational organization perspective is based on Machiavellian ideology that is task and efficiency-oriented with a hierarchy of roles to achieve organizational goals (Bolman, 2008). Given that nursing leaders recognize that the culture of an organization is the soul of ensuring that there is a good environment for people to work, nursing leaders take the time to align the goals of the organization to the culture in the work place. Also, nursing leaders are the top of the hierarchy to ensure that everyone specializes in their work in order to ensure that the goals are met and improve efficiency.
Second, the humanistic perspective ensures the people are focused on forming good relationship ties that will benefit the greater society and also motivate the employees (Doody, 2010, p.662). Given that the health care facilities experience a shortage in nurses, the organization should motivate its employees to support other staff members in order to deliver good patient care services. Thus, the department should be aware of hard work that the employees do to ensure that the organization is running swiftly.

Third, the political perspective looks at the egos in the workplaces versus having power in the organization. Alleviating egos in the workplace is an important aspect because pride hinders teamwork and the goals of the organization. Also, political perspective impacts organizational structure negatively in that employees should work together and not against each other.

Fourth, the symbolic perspective includes activities by an organization to show support of their employees such as hosting a birthday party for fellow employees (Doody, 2010, p.664). Organizational leaders should also congratulate its employees for supporting the health care system through their hard work and skills. Nurses should also be included in decision making of the organization so that they can feel empowered. Thus, organizational structure facilitates the employees to work hard and improves the overall patient care in a given facility.


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