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Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:06
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Organizations invest in workers training so as to improve their knowledge and skills thus increasing their effectiveness and productivity specialization. In my view, team building as a method of workers training is the most effective in maximizing transfers. Team building entails range of activities carried out to improve team performances; it ensures better leadership skills and better communication. The concept of team building views workers as team players rather than individual workers, it also stipulates effects of team work on organization's profitability, productivity and service delivery.
Team building involves carrying out well designed steps by employees so as to reach their set goals and objectives of organizations. The team clearly clarifies their goals; identify challenges they are likely to encounter and the resources needed to achieve their target goals. Participatory decision making by employees leads to higher performance and job satisfaction.
Pros of team building
- Higher efficiency. Team building boost performances of individual employees, they complete their task in time leading to increased productivity. Efficiency of the organization increases as workers freely share information, collaboration in decision making processes and planning results to improve performance of employees resulting to higher efficiency.
- Better communication. Team building encourages communication among employees at workplace; goals and objectives are achieved effectively implement. Employees are able to understand each member's potential and weaknesses hence reducing misunderstandings at workplace.
- Better and easier assessment of employees. Team building enables management to evaluate their employee's strength and weakness that is often hard to determine when they are in the office. Leaders are able to assess workers potential and performances.
Cons of team building
- Delays in decision making. Teams usually take too much time in making decisions since each member of the team is given time to give his or her opinion. They are also required to discuss the task assigned to them and provide resolutions. Team building takes more time as compared to assigning the task to an individual.
- Higher costs. Team building as a method of training workers involves both monetary costs and time costs. Management incurs enormous sums of money on seminars and hiring guest speakers.
- Conflicts. Individuals' exhibits different ideas and values, there is a possibility of conflict of ideas as each person advocates different ways to perform a given task.

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