Example Of Course Work On Leadership, Ethics, And Policing In Criminal Law

Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:14
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Leadership, Ethics, and Policy in Criminal Law

One of the serious emerging criminal problem in United Arabs Emirates is cybercrime as several people use the internet or other computer networks to commit a crime. This is one area is crime that is ballooning in United Arabs Emirates and if not put to control will to a greater extent affect information communication technology system.

Moreover, cybercrime threatens the increasing economic growth has it has now a criminal moneymaker surpassing illegal drug trafficking. For instance, someone's identity or credit card is stolen every minute because of cybercrime. Criminal committing cybercrime also use several mechanisms that depend on their goals and skill-sets. Cybercrime in United Arab Emirates involves fraud, theft of personal data, cyber stalking, child pornography, and copyright infringement among others (Baggili, 2011).

Therefore, this is a problem that requires quick intervention, and if given the opportunity, I will use the SARA model as it positively impacts on the problem and effectively deal with cybercrime. This problem solving approach comprises of scanning, analysis, response, as well as assessment and it, is a cynical process to problem solving.

First, the scanning or problem has been effectively identified as well as its patterns in United Arabs Emirates. Too effectively to this, I will adequately involve citizens through citizen surveys, community meetings, and one-on-one communications with citizens. I will then do the analysis where I will request citizens to provide me with information on victims, offenders, and other stakeholders. I will then invite members of the public or citizens to give responses on the cybercrime.

This is done with the view of reducing it, eliminating the crime or reducing the number of incidents. Finally, I will end this problem solving process by conducting an assessment or evaluation on the impact of the responses of the public or the citizens. The assessment will involve after-the fact and forward looking aspects as to the outcomes of the process (Ortmeier and Meese, 2010).


Baggili, I. (2011). Digital forensics and cyber crime: Second International ICST Conference, ICDF2C 2010, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, October 4-6, 2010, Revised Selected Papers. Berlin: Springer.
Ortmeier, P. J., & Meese, E. (2010). Leadership, ethics, and policing: Challenges for the 21st century. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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