Example Of Case Study On Wireless Home Network

Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:57
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Wireless network has gained immense popularity in schools, offices or house as it provides all the facilities of local area network without the limitations of wiring and cables. The convenience wireless network offers are unlimited, but the troubles are also significant. Data security is at stake while using Wi-Fi network. Hackers can easily encrypt data and misuse it, hack the computer and infect it with dangerous virus programs or harass the users. In worst scenarios, hackers can hack users modem, operate their bank accounts and can steal money. Various cases have been reported in which people’s banking credentials have been stolen.
Hacking wireless network is very easy for people who have a grasp of technology. Wireless networks are open for all users and by connecting to a network within the wireless base station; hackers can get access to all the traffic being communicated within the cell.
Once a wireless network is installed, it is necessary to give attention to its settings as open modem is an invitation for hackers to come and misuse data. As Barken(2004) mentioned in his book “Safeguarding, your WI FI is important” (4). There are several techniques to make router safe against hackers. Every router has an option to attach a username and password to make it personal. The user should keep a secure password and username which is only known to trusted people whom they can give access to the home network. Also, it is advisable to keep long passwords as they are difficult to hack.
Wireless routers usually come with their network name also known as SSID. Hackers are familiar with the common password SSID use, and they can try thousands of passwords at a time to reach home network. Therefore, it is advisable to change the SSID so that hackers cannot get the clue of the name of the network you are using.
Routers have built-in firmware that should be updated timely as hackers can take advantage of known flaws in the old firmware.
New security algorithm namely WPA2 is attached to all wireless systems these days. It is advisable to use WPA2 encryption technique to secure data rather than older security options as they are easy to hack.
Lastly, there is an option to disable remote administration. Be sure to select this option as this will enable remote hackers to control your home computers.
Barken, Lee. How secure is your wireless network?: Safeguarding your Wi-Fi-LAN. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall PTR, 2004. Print.

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