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Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:54
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The team is facing challenges that are obstructing their cooperation in their team work that will delay their work. The team will not be ready to submit their work on time if they continue working this way. The team is facing multicultural, and communication problems which are obstructing the progress of this group work. The group lacks a leader to guide them to overcome this challenges that are elevating these problems.
The group is likely to disburse without any progress because most of the group members have not done their respective homework. Only Will and Roger have managed to attend to their assignment, and it is pretty clear that Carlos and Yoshi are struggling to communicate in English due to their cultural and geographical origin. The group is not likely to proceed and finish the assignment on time due to these challenges. The team members are not able to work as a team, and this is what will derail their efforts to complete the work in time. They need a leader who understands their cultural differences and language problems to see them through this assignment.
Eduardo: He is individualistic, and he is only concerned about the “I” part of the being rather than “we”. He is an Ecuadorian and he is highly collectivistic person and belonging to this group would be of great importance. Throughout the conversation, he keeps the “I” instead of incorporating other team members in his conversation.
Carlos: He is highly masculine, and he is ready to better his native society by applying what he has learnt abroad. He shares the values that people should strive and be the best, and he is ready to appreciate the achievements he has made so far.
Yoshi: He is a pragmatic and so uncertain not even sure if he enrolled to the right course. He finds it hard to associate with his teammates only speaking few words, and this shows a restrained culture from his background. He doesn’t share many ideas his peers. People this culture will add difficulties in the group that the members are supposed to make contributions and deliver a common goal.
Jannicke: She has a Norwegian style and is a natural leader. She has low power distance with superior qualities of management and empowering other team leaders to deliver a common goal. She is an individualistic person with explicit communication. She values her opinions, and she is ready to express herself in the best way possible. She tries her best to manage a team. By offering his hand to help Yoshi, she shows that she respects traditions that are a great value for formative cultures.
Roger: He is an indulgent person who is expressing his views, thoughts, and ideas and criticizes his peers. He is a fun lover, optimistic person who has a positive attitude towards the teamwork.
Lilian. She is individualistic and seems not interested with the collective efforts of the group. She does not contribute to the group and during the discussions she is only leaning on the chairs instead of adding value to his presence. She comes to the group having not done her homework with no reason showing she does not mind about the team work.
Will is an indulgent character who wants his presence to be felt in the group. He is talkative and expresses his feeling without limitations. He involves all the team member and wants to make each of them feel be part of the team. He is a simple, positive minded and optimistic member to be in the team. He also has a strong sense of individualism and is ready to help teammates with difficulties in English communication.
The challenge the group is facing is due to multicultural differences of the group members. There is difficulty in direct communication and participation of all members due to this hurdle. Jannicke has leadership skills that would unite all the group members together and work towards a common goal of finishing an assignment in time. Partitioning the assignment will make it hard to achieve this on time, and they should tackle each part of the assignment as a team.

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