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Published: 2021-06-21 23:43:01
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Application of Information Technology in enhancing Communication in the Global Workplace.
Application of Information Technology in enhancing Communication in the Global Workplace.
The advances in information technology have revolutionized the world into a global village. Globalization has drastically been adopted by many companies who want to reach the global market for their products. The information technology is transforming the conventional work environment into workforce communications that are more efficient than the traditional practice. Multinational companies operating in various countries require to disseminate information across the global workforce on a real-time basis. This will ensure that there is cooperation between the management and the employees who communicate easily. Information technology plays a vital role in enhancing communication amongst the workforce who in turn improve their efficiency at work. There is a need to analyse how companies operating at a global level are able to apply information technology in enhancing the productivity of the global workplace. This project will answer the research question of the project. What is the importance of application of information technology in enhancing communication, in the global workplace?
The central objective of this project is to identify the benefits and challenges facing multinational companies in implementing information technology in an effort to enhance the global workforce. Other objectives of this project include the following:
This project will help unravel the positive and negative sides of information technology as a tool for improving communication efficiency in company’s global workforce and operation. It will provide recommendations on how companies operating in the global level can successfully apply and integrate information technology in their operations.
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