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Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:51
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The video was taken in Malawi located in the southern part of Africa. The objectives of the video include perfect famine and its effects on the people as well as the responses by those charged with governance. Perfect famine occurs where everything that could go bad goes bad. These include harsh weather conditions, lack of planning of planning by the authorities and also lack of interference by the relevant authorities. Famine occurs when there is no food available for the society to feed on due to unfavorable weather conditions weather conditions.
Poor governance, bad weather, and profiteering have together combined to create a desperate situation. These discernable conditions have impacted negatively on the southern part of Africa leading to a drought which has affected the country negatively.
Poor governance is one of the major factors that contribute to famine in most African countries as well as the bad weather, this has taught in our lectures. Poor planning by the relevant authorities has led to adverse conditions becoming worse, this leads to no aid from the government leading to massive starvation (Bradshaw, Steve, and Jenny Richards page 5). Bad weather can be seen to be a major factor to the causes of famine in most part of Africa. Africa experiences harsh weather conditions which lead to crop failure leading to lack of harvests, hence the famine. Profiteering in most of the developing nations is a major cause of famine as private developers seek to make profit at the expense of others, this leads to hoarding of food in the market, leading to famines. With this video, all the above mentioned factors reinforce information provided in lectures and readings for this unit.
The video brings to light the suffering of people in developing countries due to poor governance by the relevant authorities. This is brought out by showing the suffering of the villagers and the turmoil they undergo while the leaders are just embezzling funds. The harsh climate is portrayed perfectly by the dried land and dried plantation including vegetable which were to serve as food for villagers but dried up. The video is not conclusive as they it doesn’t show people who have suffered a lot, bones showing, due to the effect of starvation. Hence the video is not well shot including such effects. Use of foreign language in the video act as a barriers to those who do not understand the language as well as use of English which isn’t as audible.
The directing of this video as per my level is poor, there is no motion portrayed in the video as the camera man just focuses on specific areas not making it interesting to the viewers. I would also change the narrator and choice of translators as they are not as knowledgeable to issues pertaining to the community.
The viewing of the video especially the effects on the villagers are very traumatizing, as this leads to emotional involvement, hence gaining a new perspective on the issue. The video has highlighted the adverse effects of famine due to adverse weather conditions, showing how bad weather could really affect a society. This has change my attitude to food wastage as there are people who die of hunger while we waste food. Famine is not a choice of anyone to experience but just happens unfortunately to people remaining with nothing to do but just waste for donor support.
In conclusion, famine has adverse effects to many communities of the world, leading to starvation of millions and deaths of many. Strategies should be set to help in the minimization of such cases.
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