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Published: 2021-06-21 23:43:45
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Executive Summary
The total student enrollment at KSU Geuga has dropped by as much as 44 percent over 1991-1994. Additionally, the percentage of the traditional students relative to the total student population in the college also show a declining trend between the year 1992-1994. It is interesting to note that the part time student population has increased from 1993 to 1994 by about 15 percent. This trend indicates the pursue of career extensively by students along with education that may be as a result of insufficient financial aids for higher education. Also, the majority of the students have not decided a major for their studies indicating a need for career guidance to the students. Majority of the students belong to Geauga County.
- Results indicate a declining trend in the total student enrolments for the college over the time. The college administration needs to address this issue and find out the reasons behind this declining trend.
- The increasing number of part-time students in the college need special attention with respect to customized course schedule.
- There is a need for career guidance to students for selecting a course in higher education.
- The college administration should provide career counselling to the students to help them select an appropriate course for higher education.
- The college should focus on improving college facilities and work on developing strategies to increase student enrolments in the college.
Market Data
A comparison about KSU Geauga enrolment data with other colleges in the same area was done to analyze the position of KSU Geauga with respect to the competition and also understand the dynamics of the traditional student market. KSU Geauga falls in the middle segment with respect to its competitors in terms of the number of traditional students that are enrolled in the college with respect to the total population.
- The enrollment data of KSU Geauga are in sync with the market data according to which the percentage of part time students is high with a minority of traditional student population.
- The college needs to adopt strategies to address the needs of part-time students.
- Flexible Class Schedule: College should provide flexible class schedules for part time students to help them better manage their work schedule with study schedule.
- Easy Registration for Student Enrolments: The college should develop a flexible registration outlet to help students in the enrolments.
- Introduction of new courses: The college may introduce new courses to address the needs of part time students.
The research study provides details about the demographic trends in the student population for the traditional segment. KSU Geauga needs to make certain changes in the college education and administration, such as adjustment of its class schedule so as to address the needs of the students. It is important for the college administration to provide flexibility to the students in terms of course availability and class timings so that students can take up higher studies along with their work schedules.
The study recommends that the college campus should increase its efforts to increase career guidance for students and offer courses in those areas in which students are interested to get enrolled. The college authorities should customize the college class schedule so as to accommodate part time students to adjust to their work environments.

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