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Published: 2021-06-21 23:42:30
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There are various issues to consider when creating an advertisement for the international market. For instance, set the objectives of the advertisement that ensures it is informative, persuasive and reminding. The info depicted in the advert should also be precise and attention grabbing. The target audience should be able to convey the message portrayed in the advert by the first sight. The budget involved in the advertisement should be considered to ensure the cost is manageable. It should always be ensured that cost incurred in advertising a product is by far exceeded by the returns of the sale of the product. There is a need to develop advertising strategies that will reach most people in several regions of the world. In this way the target audience is extensive and thus the market. These include choosing the widely used media, creating a simple message that is simple for understanding. The advertising media should be reachable frequently by the target audience and with ease. So they could as easily learn of the new item in the market and maybe want to try it out. The advertising media chosen should be entertaining and exciting to the public to attract their attention. This would ensure that every detail entailed in the advert does not pass unseen. A suitable advertising media can directly target the market or public as well as the society. Evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisement to ensure it promotes the product and the image of the company (Forrest & Edward, 2006).The management should consider creating good public relations that enhance the good image of the business such as giving true and convincing information to the general public about the company. This will translate to the public finding the company trustworthy and will be willing to try out the product of the latter. The need to conduct market research to collect and analyze information about the competitors, consumer and effectiveness of the company’s marketing programs should be put into consideration (Forrest & Edward, 2006). This would give the company a good start off and a platform for strategizing. It would also be easier for the company to pinpoint drawbacks in their product so they can swiftly rectify that for the good of the company.
The uniqueness of the advertisement should be creative and unique that consumers have never met before, but they can easily correlate. This depicts a notion of originality in the product being advertised thus luring the public to try it out. If an idea in advertising is stolen from a previous advert by another company, there is that feeling that the product is not an original thought. The creative factors considered include the information uniqueness, simplicity of the information and great variation of information. Another important factor to consider is the advert content. The content of the advert should demonstrate how the product works, role model showing why the consumer should prefer the product and significance of using the product (Avraham& Eli, 2008). If the latter is achieved, the consumers will be convinced to try out the product. The issue of regional and international cultures should be put into consideration. The advertisement should take into account the culture and local language that will convey its objective efficiently to the target audience though the mode of conveying the information should not depict a notion of biasness. It should one that is accepted by the entire target audience faculty.
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