Example Of Case Study On Advanced Persistent Threats Against Rsa Tokens

Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:43
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RSA is an encryption in the internet that mainly is concerned with the originality and is included as a part of the web browsers to ensure the originality and quality of a website (Saporito, 2011). The vulnerabilities that existed in the system were quite many like lack of a good description of the advanced threats, legal and data restrictions whereby they do not access the authorization required in order to share the information that they would wish to share. The issue of time consumption presents itself here, which acts as a challenge which acts negatively on the system.
The other breach that seemed to have been the gaps that acted negatively and contributed to the threats in RSA was the lack of tested methods which should govern the use of information which is very sensitive to the organization. This lack of test is what led to the information of the intelligence lading in the wrong hands. The other vulnerability that is noted in the system is lack of a good plan from the beginning because it seemed that the threats to the system were not analyzed, identified, and measures put in place to prevent any issue that might deter the system generally in the future.
The need for the expertise and the staff who can manage the security systems properly is also demanding as the organizations have not realized the importance of incorporating such people and systems in their software and systems generally (Saporito, 2011). These are the issues which seem to be the gaps and the problems that have led to the threat to these systems which impacts negatively on any organization, as their important information might land in the wrong hands stimulating the down toll on organizations which might be quite unexpected.
The method that has been used and has succeeded is the sharing of documents in printed form, in person meetings, phone calls among others which are done offline. This method has succeeded simply because the physical external secure controls have not been enacted therefore leading to the success of such a method. Most systems have been configured in a way that deals with only the online methods of sharing important information. This breach has succeeded and caused the people who exploit the systems maliciously to tap from this method of sharing important information with no form of the threat of being detected whatsoever (Tankard, 2011). The other aspect of information sharing, as much as it may be an advantage to share information on how to use the system and ensure that the utilization is maximum also has the negativities that are presented by the same.
As much as the information sharing is important, it also shares information that aims at ruining the security generally. The information that is presented would be on how to access the very important information which enables people to access the private and important information for the organizations. This, as much as it seems to act as an advantage also serves as the main source that leads to the weakness of the whole system. The other third method which seems to have succeeded in the sharing of the very paramount information would be the use of other social sites and media which are not readable in the programs and the secure systems. The other sites are used as a mode of exchanging the information therefore, cannot be detected easily yet it is shared in malicious ways.
There are techniques and ways however to ensure that the systems are protected. As the CSO of a big company, the method would be enacting physical security and controls in the company to enhance the security of the company’s/ organization’s information. These issues however, can only be tackled through the collaboration of many companies in order to ensure that the threat of information sharing is curbed succinctly and prevented to all the levels that it may presents itself. These are issues which should be curbed in all instances the other technique that would be used to curb this would be the installation of more detectors in the systems, to ensure that the issue is detected in all levels and on all sites to ensure that high security is enhanced across all sections. This would be enhanced through threat detection feeds that will come in handy to ensure that the high security needed is enhanced across all boards.
This would enable the companies to always be one step ahead and informed about the security of their systems to prevent this disaster before it strikes in their companies and organizations (Tankard, 2011). Their information which is quite important and ought to be safeguarded will be safeguarded easily to ensure that high security of the information both in their systems and programs and outside is ensured and enhanced in their systems generally. The other technique that might be employed in such a situation or instance would be the monitoring of the systems and coming up with new ideas to curb the breach and the challenges that might present themselves in the process of identifying the threats and the gaps in the RSA. This enhances the creativity of attack specific malware which may be used to curb issues that may arise in the course of the implementation and the analysis in order to ensure that no stones are left unturned.
The work of curbing the advanced Persistent Threats as seen seems to have a lot of complications that come about as a result of the complicated systems that are used in the organizations. They are mature and seem to have new developments that come with a new idea as it is being implemented. The main aim of the people who use these systems to tap information which is crucial for specific organizations seems to be growing with the growing technological advancements that come up daily. There are also technologies however that may be used to curb some of the issues and threats that are present and upcoming in the organizations like simplicity. Simplicity, is a very important component of any organization, as it is seen that the more easier the technicians and the specialists can understand the system, the easier it would be to curb the issues that might arise thereof.
The infrastructure of the security in the companies is also paramount as it would enhance better utilization of the available expertise in the companies for the betterment of the organization. systems which may detect and are easy to operate, putting into consideration the kind of security needed like use of passwords to ensure that the systems are not accessed by individuals who ought not to access it. The malware attribute Enumeration and classification in order o detect in a system based manner that may not be easily known by the people who try o perform the unaccepted actions of distributing important information to the wrong hands (Smiraus, & Jasek). This may increase the detection capabilities of the systems to ensure that the high security needed for the important information is secured and circulated among the trusted and right individuals.
The other important technology would be the cyber observable eXpression which would be used to detect and warn the management about the risky areas and which would need the kind of observation to ensure that prevention of the harm that may accrue to the company or organization is ensured and enhanced sufficiently. The other technological consideration would be the security content automation protocol, which would go in handy to ensure that the system’s vulnerable areas that contain the important information is dealt with and handled conveniently to avoid the sharing of information which is paramount to the existence of the organization. Collaboration framework is also a very important aspect in the organization which should be enhanced to ensure that all the issues that may come up in terms of information being vulnerable are prevented succinctly (Saporito, 2011).
The issue that seems to be a threat to the protection of the important information like; the Advanced Persistent threats may be curbed easily if all of the above considerations are put in place in the organizations that use the RSA security to manage their information. The idea of using the RSA security seems to be paramount and plays an important role in the security of the information management in the organizations. The more the willingness to collaborate between the companies that use the RSA security, the better and easier it will be to curb the challenges with the upcoming technologies.
Saporito, B. (2011). Hack attack. Time (technology)(4 July), 50-55.
Tankard, C. (2011). Advanced Persistent threats and how to monitor and deter them. Network security, 2011(8), 16-19.

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