Example Of Business Plan On Administrator Of Grady Memorial Hospital

Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:53
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Question 1
Acquiring, retaining, and transferring clinicians are critical to the success of Grady Memorial Hospital. A good system of recruitment can boost the performance of the staff and create a good working culture. The current job market presents a lot of competition. In this case, good recruitment decisions can culminate long-term positive effects coupled with high profit margins that can influence the clinicians’ morale (Klug, 2009). This enables a hospital to attain its core objectives and gaining a competitive edge and enlarge its market share.
The system of recruitment caters for the present and the future needs of the hospital. It is crucial for the hospital to analyze the current and the future needs to attract and retain the clinicians. The system has to assess and prioritize the need for human resource in every functional unit (Klug, 2009). The hospital has to identify and select the competent people to generate a pool of human resource. The junior executives and laboratory technicians’ positions are sourced internally. The managerial staff and other senior executives are sourced from the external sources. The hospital must install a policy on recruitment, retention, and transfer that are mandatory followed.
The system has to identify the potential people both internally and externally. Perform job evaluation and analysis to calculate the worth of each job. Assess the qualification profile from the job description to identify the responsibilities, ability, and expertise of the people. The system has to identify and document the process of recruitment in regard with laws of employment to avoid bias. Apply the Employment Equity act to target all groups of people especially the minority groups and the disabled.
Apply informal recruitment method to hire the external employees. This is due of its cheap nature and quick implementation. Apply formal methods to hire new staff. This entails advertising the vacancies in the newspapers, media, and through the internet. The system of recruitment has to ensure openness and transparency about future audits. Offer College graduates internship opportunities. This can provide the hospital with a pool of employment that is qualified in future (Sardell, 1996).
The system can conduct recruitment internally using promotion and transfers of the existing personnel. Grady Memorial Hospital can advertise the posts by placing the notices on the notice boards, newsletters or the office memoranda. The referrals can entail word-of-mouth advertisements since they are cheap. The hospital has to apply networking strategy from the recruitment firms and employment agencies (Sardell, 1996). Promote and transfer the expert and the committed employees to build a sense of motivation to all the employees in the organization.
The system has to ensure enough qualified people at the entry level as the hospital expands and recruits more staff. Transfer the inflexible employees and those with an interest in maintain status quo to steer the hospitals growth. Grady Memorial Hospital can install a strategy of recruitment and retention that focuses on intense training and the development of skill before making transfers. Review the recruitment and selection process to ensure no discrimination. The system can transfer staff in line with the level of experience to foster career development. Grady Memorial Hospital has to value career mobility and encourage the staffs who express an interest to cater their services in other functional units in the hospital. The system can manage staff promotions and transfers and establish communication within all departments in the hospital.
The recruitment, retention, and transfer of cadres of staff in the hospital has to strive to get the qualified and committed people who are adaptable and ensure timely and effective provision of services to the community.
Klug, S. H. (2009). Recruit, Respect, and Retain: The Impact of Baby Boomer Nurses On Hospital Workforce Strategy—A Case Study. Creative Nursing, 15(2), 70-74.
Sardell, A. (1996). Clinical Networks and Clinician Retention: The Case of CDN. Journal of Community Health, 21(6), 437-451.

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