Example Of Book Review On Reading Response #2-Avenue Q

Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:15
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Avenue Q is a beautiful depiction of the perception of young age and the reality of the same, when it goes through the practical life. The book is in two Acts and more an autobiography cum biography that fits into the experiences and life of everybody. The character by the name of Princeton is depicted to strive in his practical life after a bachelor and faces the hardships and apprehensions of real life. Money, job and living become his pursuit that left his imaginary supremacy run apart. Avenue Q is more of a satire that address the issues, concerns and apprehensions that comes in the way of entering adulthood. The anxieties of the period and the implications or responses of the practical world are depicted with an insight. The book is basically an American musical act that is developed over the referred theme. The use of instrumentation and puppets for the depiction the concept presented in Avenue Q added to the intensity of its impact when telecasted.
For any other person (including myself), the story reflects personal experiences and feelings that we face. The acceptance of the learning is perceived as maturity in the real life. However, I believe that such an obvious preaching of the dilemma ruins the fantasies of young minds, leaving them confused. In addition, we also miss the chance of being pioneered by a hero that could mark the readings as judgmental barriers only and the one who could teach us that adventure, practicality, fun and fantasy can all be carried along in adulthood also. To me, the book and the theme is a concept that could be modified with responses to get a picture on scene and live with fun in adulthood, as well.

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