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Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:55
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Reflection Chapter 10 & 11
Chapter 10 in Robert D. Kaplan’s book, Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power, highlights the need for America to rethink its relations with Africa and Asia if the United States is going to remain relevant in global politics. Kaplan argues that the Indian Ocean region has become a key focus by many world powers. Bilateral ties between Indian Ocean region and the world is going to be essential for the geopolitical strength of the United States in the future. However, Kaplan is concerned by the fact that US foreign policy in its current form is not effective in building ties with Africa and East Asia. Most nations in the region are not stable democracies. Political ideologies such as neo-conservatism in the United States have caused the United States to impose democratic ideals on non-democratic international actors. Such ideologies in the international system have led many nations in the Indian Ocean region to look for alternative trade partners that are willing to trade and cooperate with non-democratic system.
In Chapter 11, Kaplan is concerned about the growth of China’s influence in the Indian Ocean region. Unlike the United States, which has been imposing democratic ideals on non-democratic systems in the Indian region, China has maintained excellent military, economic, and diplomatic relations with its bilateral partners in the region. Sri Lanka is a good example of nations that have maintained excellent ties with China. I agree with the arguments that Kaplan makes because China has made inroads into many nations in both Africa and East Asia due to their excellent diplomatic relations. Unlike the United States, China does not interfere with the political ideals of its trade partners.

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