Example Of Book Review On Leadership

Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:10
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The theme of the book starts with the research on moviegoers and their eating habits. Author tries to bring the attention of readers with the help of actual research has been done and on the basis of rationality. This rational approach helps reader to understand the problem in a better way. As title suggests that book is about brining change in life which is not easy but few simple steps can help it in bringing change easily. In this book author emphasized on bringing change when it is hard to change as the entire problem is in the mind so it is better to change the mindset rather than habits. Habits are always hard to change but mindset is not hard to change. Author gave a beautiful example of pop-corn eating habit of moviegoers who wanted big bucket of full of pop-corn but unable to eat completely always. But whenever they are provided with the shrink buckets they ate it completely; it presented in front of them differently which bring the change easily. Author argued that the problem of change is more related with the situation rather than people. Author speaks about change in first chapter by discussing three situational examples based on the research.
In the second chapter find the bright spots author suggested that if we think about the problem in a different way and pointing out the bright sight of the problem it help us to bring the change easily. It shows the effectiveness of bringing change by going into the minute details of the problem. In third chapter author suggest taking the tough decision with rational approach rather than on the basis of humanity. Sometimes seeking for much opinion creates decision paralysis in spite of having better solutions; it is better to implement the better solution first. Fourth chapter suggested the importance of goal setting and direction in bringing the positive change in the present situation.
Under the heading “Motivate the Elephant” talks about the importance of motivation in brining change. Motivation is the key to bring the positive change in the present situation. Differentiation is the key to keep the change effective. Fifth chapter “shrink the change” shows that presentation and work schedule does matter in changing the mindset which brings the real change. It has been proved with the help of examples where both the groups were doing the same thing but explanation changed the mindset which actually brought the change. Seventh chapter deals with the Motivation and providing opportunities for growth creates the scope for change in the organization .
Under the heading “Shape the Path”, it discusses about the change in the environment, building habits, rally the herd and keep going are the reasons behind brining change in the organization. Bringing change is not from the peoples’ perspective but from the change in the situation. Change comes from the bringing change in the situation. It is a common phenomenon that change is required in human being but it is actually concern with the surroundings and environment in which needs to be change. Building habits to overcome from problem unite the group to achieve the common goal and start the work to achieve that goal actually brought the change in the organization and situation.
Overcome from the obstacles to bring the change is not about the people facing the problem but it is about to find the feeling to bring the required change. It’s not about changing people but the surrounding environment which bring the change.
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