Example Of Book Review On Culture War The Myth Of A Polarized America By Morris Fiorina

Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:52
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Morris Fiorina in his book The Myth of a Polarized America brings to the fore that in reality there is little that divides Americans in terms of the ideals and the notions that they hold dearly at heart. He believes in his book that Americans are not strongly divided along radical or conservative lines as the vast majority of the population thinks of itself as moderates who like to think out issues first without any manner of a partisan nature before making a decision.
Fiorina first supports his notion by bringing up the subject of abortion. This has been a hot topic which has been heavily debated across the nation in the media and social forums. However, he believes that small differences are the reason as to why one supports or rejects abortion and not ones stance as a liberal or conservative.
Another example that he uses is the kind of political parties that one affiliates him or herself with. The choices we make are dictated by a distinct political class who have become increasingly polarized over certain ideologies.
Fiorina also believes the reason that has partly instigated division in the country to a minimal extent is the realignment in the South of the political class. This is because republicans championed an aggressive foreign policy coupled with hostility towards welfare while democrats went for antiwar sentiment.
I totally agree with Fiorina when he says that we are not a deeply divided nation. This is purely due of the fact that we only divide ourselves in political matters as we have no other option when presented with highly contradicting choices. However, on the issue of abortion I do not believe that Americans are moderate. It is a highly divisive topic that generates heat whenever it is brought to the fold.
Works cited
Fiorina, Morris P, Samuel J. Abrams, and Jeremy Pope. Culture War?: The Myth of a Polarized America. Boston, MA: Longman, 2011. Print.

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