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Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:19
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Creation of the Sacred
Across the globe there are many religions with different beliefs and preferences depending on origin and deity of preference. Religion can be defined as set of rules and beliefs that govern a specific group of people based on the control of a deity of god (Bulbulia, 2005). The author further points out that religion define organizations and community settings. Many communities and social organization have beliefs and fears of a certain deity due to the supreme personality there are denoted by (Bulbulia, 2005). In the creation of a religion, the most important factor of consideration is the deity or the Supreme Being denoted by the religious group. This factor denotes the beliefs and the common preferences embraced by a particular group. However, Burkert (1996) argues that religion is a general social factor that shapes people way of life regardless of the differences in different religion. He also argues that the human race have a strong belief in religion and deity supremacy to a point that they base most of their decisions on the preferences predicted to favor certain religious dispensations. Additionally, there is a strong belief in the human race that there is origin of the humans and everything else in the universe. This unproven belief drives people to the conclusion that there is an existing supernatural being responsible for the fate of each and every person under the sun (Bulbulia, 2005). For this reason and the hope for restoration and eternal life, people tend to appease the dispensations created by a god to govern a specific religion.
This argument is created by Walter Burkert who defines every human action as based on the fact that there are bound by religion and a deity. He bases his arguments on evidence that can be seen in the daily life human lead. He also descries and defines religious behavior as uncalled for depending on the sensitivity of the behavior and the significance on human life.
Burkert defines sacrifice as way by which human communicate with their preferred deity or god. He points out that religion manifests itself through communication and interaction. Communication is both vertical and horizontal depending on the recipient of the message (Bulbulia, 2005). Through sacrifice people are enabled to appease their god. This form of communication is predicted to bring forth good luck or success to the area of need. In reviewing different sacrificial practices by different communities, Burkert terms some sacrifices like killing human s as uncalled for (Burkert, 1996). Religion is sacred and non obvious. This supports the argument that no one is a position to give a decision on the appropriateness of a certain religious sacrificial ritual. Burkert (1996) also argues that any form is appropriate enough to appease the belief of someone’s on a supreme being.
Oaths connected to religious beliefs are also based on human mind creation (Bulbulia, 2005). An oath is a representation of allegiance to commit to certain provision and religious preferences and beliefs. Burkert (1996) define oaths human perception on allegiance to a god. One does not an oath to proof allegiance to a religion. However, oaths are becoming less significant as human perception on religion become more decisive.
Sings that show existence of gods according to human perception are numerous. This signs are interpreted depending on one’s religion and beliefs. However, Burkert bases his argument on general signs such as the rising and setting of the sun. These events make human more inclined to the belief on the existence of a supernatural being. However, Burkert (1996) says that even animals rejoice in the rising of the sun and moan during its setting. This is regardless of their nonexistent belief in ant religion. He uses this comparison to put across his idea on the normalcy of every existing event on the face of the earth.
In regards to religion, the most feared punishment is a denied place in heaven and the opposite of it: an eternal experience of suffering and pain (Bulbulia, 2005). To avoid these events, humans tend to retain their allegiance to their religion through sacrifice, oaths and appreciating signs proving existence of a supreme being.
Tradition ritual and behaviors
In an analysis of ancient religions, ancient Greece is one significant community. Ancient Greece had numerous gods which were responsible for numerous events in the community. Oaths and sacrifices were effectively used to appease these gods. Oaths included body marking and unethical practices. Sacrifices included animal sacrifices and offering harvest and property to their gods. Events such as famine and death were connected to anger by the gods. Every important event such as childbirth, death, marriage, appointments and war must be approved by the gods (Bulbulia, 2005). Communication, oath and sacrifice offering was conducted by specific religious leaders and prophets.
Regardless of the significance of religion in the community, there are many criticism and questions that would remain unanswered. However, reviews on religion such as the creation of the sacred highlight the unplaced perception of the human race on religion. This increases questions on the effectiveness and suitability of religious practices and beliefs. With religion remaining unobvious and unpredictable arguments on the issue create what people tend to embrace as beliefs.
Bulbulia, J. (2005) "Are There Any Religions? An Evolutionary Explanation." Method & Theory in the Study of Religion 17, 2 (71-100).
Burkert, W. (1996). Creation of the Sacred: Tracks of Biology in Early Religions. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Univ. Press.

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