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Published: 2021-06-21 23:41:51
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Executive Summary
This is a basic proposal made with the intention of funding the arising projects in the Town of Goodness Fall. However, this was after the mayor of the town realized that this urban center had problems in the police department. This followed interaction with a local non profit agency with whom they have partnered to source funds for this project. A needs analysis was performed and it provided some insights on the nature of projects which were to be implemented with urgency. As a result the proposal shall further outline the needs analysis as it was conducted by the nonprofit agency. This shall also provide some important message on the anticipated budget for these projects to be done in the town. This will be a guide to the agency and the Mayor of this town while in their strive to seek for donors and funds. In order to improve on clarity of the project to the prospective donors, the proposal also ought to offer some more information with the project. This will involve a critical evaluation of the project to produce a clear project description that would be easily understood by the possible donors or individuals who can fund the Town’s projects. The proposal shall also provide some pertinent information with regards to the company information of the nonprofit organization. This will be to enhance familiarity of the nonprofit agency to more people and the possible donors to their projects. Hence, this helps to ensure that the agency would get a chance of securing some funds from the donors or from kind individuals who reside in the Town of Goodness Fall.
Statement Of Need
The agency noted that the Town Mayor was in dire need of some reforms in the police department as well as an overhaul in the town’s security street lamps to ensure ample security in the high crime neighborhood of this town. Thus, the projects of this town were in accordance with the vision of the organization which is to endow the community with training and security as well as enhancing accountability amongst the population and ensuring fast response. Thus the nonprofit agency was very interested in providing some assistance to the town Mayor in securing funds to carry out the proposed project which would help the town in earning some safety and infrastructural development (Mann, 2010). Since, the Mayor had identified some issues that he felt had more urgency in terms of implementation it was easier to have the issues ranked in order of the most important ones which must be executed with a shorter period.
The foremost of the needs was to put up the 18 street lamps in the town so as to boost security in the town. This would be followed by the provision of computers to the police which would be helpful in data storage and records. The third need that the town faces would be the acquisition of motorcycles for the police. However, the town is also in need of telephone lines to help in linking people by improving communication. The town also needed a fire truck and a repair of some broken window glasses in a high crime neighborhood. This clearly shows that the needs of the town are quite expansive. Hence, the nonprofit agency had to rely on the nature, urgency and worth of the need for the society. As a result some of the needs which the agency deemed feasible for proposal formulation include; the setting up of 18 street lamps, the purchase of a fire truck for the town and a repair of broken window glasses in a neighboring town.
Project Description
After the process of needs analysis it was resolved that the nonprofit agency would go ahead to make a basic proposal for the needs which had been translated into able proposals. Thus, the project would involve at least three main activities so as to accrue some welfare in the society in terms of security, safety and accountability. The adopted project was also felt to carry more weight with regards to the beliefs and vision of the nonprofit agency. The agency seeks to perform this project in different phases so as to give room for more funds which could be utilized to improve the conditions at Town of Goodness Fall. The first phase will see the installation of the 18 street lamps done in the town and the agency has planned this to be achieved within a period of three months.
The second phase will involve the replacement of the broken window glasses in the high crime neighborhood. This will be done as a way of proving the administration’s accountability to its people. This is set to take up to a maximum of five months due to the amount of work involved to replace quite a large number of houses in the area. Consequently, the third phase will mark the end of this project which involves the buying of a fire truck for the company. This is aimed at improving levels of disaster preparedness which is also a procedural need to ensure improved security. The last phase involves quite a huge sum of money and thus the agency had to allocate more time so as to ensure sufficiency of the funds collected. The phase would last up to one year and thus making the whole project life to be 20 months. This is quite some efficient time in delivering such amount of projects to the society.
Organization’s Information
The organization was established 15 years ago as a nonprofit humanitarian agency which sought to help out the society. During the initial years the company was aimed at providing training services, communication as well as to impact accountability to the population. However, over the years the agency has seen the need to change its core values and vision so as to cater for the ever increasing needs of the people. In the recent time the agency has also done some alignment in its vision and service charter as it seeks to actively participate in the security docket by providing trainings and also opening up communication channels to boost the levels of security in the town. The agency has had donors in the past whom they partnered together to see the implementation of various projects in our society. However, in the current period donors have been very minimal and the project now seeks to help out the town in reaching out for funds. This is due to the fact that this agency has had various donors whom can still help to fund the project in this town. However, the agency also deals with some individuals who volunteer to offer help even if it is on a smaller scale. The current company director has been with the company over the last 5 years after the former director retired after his 10 years of service. However, the agency also has a grant committee which meets to discuss issues that regards projects to be funded in future and also to know their value to the agency.
Town of Goodness Falls has been coupled with inefficiencies and for this reason, the Mayor noted that the town is in urgent need of various equipments and infrastructure. After the process of needs analysis with the help of the nonprofit organization the town was able to be identify some of the critical needs which would qualify for the drafting of a basic proposal (Geever, 2012).
This proposal presents some of the activities that will be undertaken in this helpful project for this town. The proposal further describes the project clearly for the donor or individual to understand. It is also in this proposal that the budget of every item in the project is outlined so as to produce a total of $843,000. The project is believed to take three phases due to the nature of activities in the proposal. The proposal shall also provide the time frame for every activity of the project.
Project Timeframe
The project will be done within a period of twenty months which is equivalent to one year and eight months.
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