Example Of Automation Vs. Jobs Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-06-21 23:38:21
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Automation is a technology that entails the use of sophisticated machines in performing tasks .In this regard, the tasks may be those that are fundamental in the manufacturing industries, production industries, processing and attributed to other instances that largely recognize the use of skilled labor. Examples of automation in industries include the use of computers. On the same note, some countries recognize the use of robots as a substitute to human labor. In these cases, technology can be defined as a tool that has resulted in schisms in as far as the world job market is concerned. In the nineteen twenties, most jobs were available upon the discretion human labor (Kraul). On the same slate, the jobs were mostly blue collar jobs. For example, most manufacturing industries in the United States of America and other developed states such as Britain had mechanized industries that depended upon the use of human labor.
In this Instance, human beings were entitled to things such as, counting and recording data. However, the late periods of the nineteenth century and these times of the twenty first century have been characterized by great developments in the fields of technology that has led to the mechanization and diversifying effects to the job market. Among people who have greatly been affected by this advent of technology are domestic workers, blue collar workers and other casuals who depended on rather handy jobs to survive. However, technology has not exclusively displayed its horrifying side of its phases. It is crucial to note that, the advent of some technologies has been crucial in impacting positively in as far as the job market is concerned. When comparisons between the eighteenth century and the nineteenth century are made, it is openly noted that, the nineteenth century can significantly be referred to as the technology age. It is characterized by more jobs as opposed to the medieval times.
Technologies in the field of Agriculture include the use of mechanized machines in ploughing and tilling the land in readiness for planting. It is; however, clear that, a job that could have been entitled to thirty men only needs to be given to one person who will be in the absolute, in charge of the entire process. On similar circumstances, it is also plausible to say that, this instance of Agriculture has shifted its directional approaches as above due to economic preferences that have also come alongside technology. Similarly, the field of Agriculture faces the events of the influence of technology on jobs on packaging plants that incorporate agricultural products, machines have been devised to perform roles that would, however, have been well discretion had it been given to human beings (Michael ). In these cases, it should be appreciated that, this machine oriented world does not discriminate against human labor that elements for blue collar jobs for that matter, issues that are significantly regarded involve the following; urgency, precision, automation, reliability, flexibility and overall work output precision. In essence, it is quite clear that, the agricultural sector has led to a competition front between machines and the use of human labor. In the spraying of crops and other agricultural products over an expansive land, before the advent and the application of spraying equipment, the agricultural sector relied on human labor to perform these roles.
In the transport industry, the advent of technology has greatly diversified and made changes to the job section. In the past, people would get jobs on the categories of carrying luggage for passengers especially in areas that were not well passable. However, the technological boost in the transport industry has ensured that almost if not all transport channels are well faceted and provide for efficiency when it comes to services. In these regards, it can be adduced that, technology and automation have also decreased people’s dependability on the transport industry. In the recent past, technological impacts in as far as automation is concerned devised so as to diversify most public transport systems in the world. The move started in most developed countries in the world such as the United States of America. In the long run, the technology led to people losing jobs because, most people who were previously employed as operators in buses and transportation vehicles lost their jobs. The developed technology had rendered their reliability and essence in the bus industries to nil. Human beings in these job categories could no longer live by the same sources of income. In essence, the diversification of the railway transport system in Middle East significantly led a majority of people losing jobs. The introduction of cards that assume the functionality of Debit Cards in the transport industry significantly attributes to the decreasing need of workers in the transport industry in as far as the position that demands that operators always avail themselves in public buses for the purposes of dispensing fare and any other transport costs are concerned (Bonsall).
Technology has greatly impacted in the nursing and medical sectors. The advent of sophisticated machines such as the X-ray Laser machines has displaced human labor. In these events, before it was devised, the nursing sector had a system that specialized itself with training and employing technicians who would equally dispense the work that these automatic machines came into play to do. As a result of this situation, many people who had earlier depended on the job for income were left with nothing to call theirs. Technology that which they thought had come into place to offer assistance to them was majorly out to ruin them without cause. On the same parameter of the medical unit, it is also evident that, people used to get jobs that were oriented in offering cleaning services. People could freely seek employment in mortuaries and get vocations. However, the job market lost its scope when these human beings were no more significant. Their jobs were taken over by machines that were known for their precision and efficiency. In an institution, is it a medical center, an expansive area that could be cleaned by two hundred casual laborers can no longer being available for such a number of laborers. The diversification in technology has led to the feature that only allows a quarter of the original number of workers, working with automated cleaning machines to dispense the same job. Machines do not get tired. They are further not under the limitations that engulf the human dispensability instances in as far as jobs are concerned. In the past, posts of applications such as medical assistances were common. The introduction and embracement of technology have yonder displaced this phenomenon to suit the entailments of technology.
Information and accounting departments have significantly been developed as a result of advancements in technology. In the past, dating to the medieval times, the information aspects in the world were not characterized by automated machines as it is now. Many people earned a living out of the fact that, they were either employed as messengers or delivery of special messages. As a matter of fact, they could support their families out of these blue collar jobs. On the other hand, technology has led to the discovery of things such as the Internet. As a result of the Internet, people no longer need the prehistoric messengers to have their documents or affairs passed to whoever and wherever they wish. It is also significant to note that, the Internet comes out as well package asset in that; it has applications that are square of a technological attribution. The advent of email does not need manpower in its operationalization. What a person needs to do is to compose whatever piece of message that he or she wishes to be conveyed to the other person. On a mere click on the send button, it matters not the size of the digitally chipped information. Instant delivery is manifested. Therefore, technology stands out as a significant factor in the displacement of human labor on blue collar basis. The world trade has also developed alongside the enhancements in technology. In the past, people would be required on a large demand to facilitate some key positioned roles in the dispensing of instances that strictly connected to trade. In today’s business world, technology performs most of the work that could otherwise have been given to a person to work upon it (Andrews).
Artists and designers have been displaced due to the advent of technology. Nowadays, it is hard to nature real talents out of the ensuing events that are characterized by the advent of computer applications. Artists and designers from a traditional setting need not be in phase, what is expected now by the society is a software and once or two operators for the same. It is obvious that, the human labor was displaced and done away with. Technology in institutions of learning has also impacted adversely in as far as jobs are concerned. Due to the introduction of calculators, laptops and other technological instances, the demand for supplementary teachers and relevant staff has been on a downward scale. Few teachers are needed due to the grounds that, students can adequately learn by themselves. All that they need is one or two teachers to offer guidance and directional essence. Technology has also facilitated joblessness among the youths who lack adequate skills to march technological expectations.
In summation, it is prudent to denote that, technology has done more harm than assistance in as far as the concerns for jobs are concerned. Machines have come in phase, hence, displacing hum beings in the job market. As a result of this, many people have been left jobless with nothing specific to do. Measures should, therefore, be taken into consideration so as to address and devise amicable solutions to that effect. Technology is the center point for most affairs of the world. Its impacts are well manifested across careers, industries and all occupational categories.
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