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Published: 2021-06-21 23:39:41
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The Lie is a short story written by T.C Boyle and published on May 20th 2010.The story is based on the character who found himself on the wrong side with lies after he had his sick days off and wanted more days off and in the process, the habit persisted, it became clear that he was becoming addicted to lies with time as “the small issue’ became intense. The next day he was supposed to report to work but instead he called his employer Mr Radko and explained to him of his baby’s sudden sickness and therefore wanted some time to stay close to his baby at the hospital.
In my view Mr Radko was humane to accept the excuse though the character’s position on the production house was so important and sensitive. The boss was expecting that the individual will turn up to work the next morning as usual but this turned to be ironical as the character was up for more and more excuses. This can be regarded as stupid excuses as the character instead made merry with drinks and strolled to the beach and the next morning he called Mr. Radko and a surprise hit all the staffs when he informed them of the sudden demise of his baby.
Mr Radko is a type of a character that bases his believes and trust on things that come his way from the employees and I personally term him as ignorant and stupid. He is also considered to be a very poor and disorganized manager. He was supposed to have visited his employee’s home and console the individual family for the loss of the baby, the other employees collected some amount to console him for the loss of his baby but surprisingly had lied to his coworker that he would not be there the next day at work since he was to meet his wife at the funeral. He went too far again, to spend the whole week and weekend at home as he blackmailed his stupid boss as I may term it, the boss was there to listen to his employee’s lies, this time round he told him that he will attend the baby’s funeral and therefore would not report to work, he wanted to spent time at home so that he could refresh his mind.
According to my view, his wife was ignorant and unconcerned since she did not bother to find out why her husband’s sick days off were extended. The character of the narrator portrait by the writer can convince the reader that the narrator is very confident of what he is doing but not so as to some extend he felt guilty as evident when he lied to Mr Radko that he would attend his baby’s burial. The next day was on a Friday but he did not bother to call Mr. Radko to inform him of his absence at work. In my view, it seems that Friday was a reluctant day for the narrator and therefore wanted to extend until the next week and probably start the job on Monday. He reported to work on Monday and in the evening he was handed over a bag with some cash donated by the fellow workers. When the he got home that evening his wife noticed for the first time that his husband had lied to get some money and time off from work, it so happened when Jeanne was calling Clover’s husband but instead Clover picked up, there arose some miscommunication that lead to the leakage of what was going on behind Clover and work mates’ back.
In my general view and perception about T.C Boyles artistry, he is so creative and his form of work requires one to think hard to understand the theme being portrayed. The way he introduces the story is such interesting and educative. The form of plot he uses describes the general characters of the people living around the place and therefore so effective. Many artists fail to meet the society needs but I think T.C Boyle did it effectively and in such a smart way. The form of narration he uses revolve what goes around our society in such a strong wave that change people’s conscience and own way of viewing things and operation at work place and at home. I can personally say that T.C Boyle has really changed my general perception about one’s responsibilities and duties and how I can keep away lies in exchange of advantageous things unto my life.
There are so many forms of lies that we humans consider “small” but generally they grow bigger and becomes even stronger and intense to overcome our way of life and to some extend it leads to sacking at work and even more severe may lead to family break up.

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