Example Of Article Review On Leadership Style And Employee Turnover Intentions: A Social Identity Perspective

Published: 2021-06-21 23:40:07
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The journal article under review is titled ‘Leadership Style and Employee Turnover Intentions: A Social Identity Perspective’ compiled by various scholars from a number of universities in China. The study was based on a cultural approach to human resource management within organizations in China. Either, it also studied how it moderated the relationship between leadership style and employee turnover (Luiz et al., 2013). Questionnaires were used to obtain data with a hierarchical regression model, which is a quantitative model, used in testing the hypotheses. The data was collected in different areas within China with the findings showing that the leadership styles within firms had an effect on the employee turnover. The leader-member exchange model was found to have more impact on the employee turnover.
The paper further discussed the issues, arguing that there exists both a direct and indirect impact on employee turnover. Either, when there is a higher collectivist HRM style within organizations, there seems to be a positive relationship between the leader-member exchanges and the whole organizational identity (Luiz et al., 2013). My thoughts on the information obtained from the journal article are positive. Various studies have shown that whenever there is a healthy relationship between the management of organizations and the employees, the organizations tend to thrive in various ways. The organizations human resource forms a vital and important part of their asset base. They drive the organizational activities towards achieving its objectives.
This piece of work is important as it highlights the need to concentrate more on ensuring there exit a healthier employee-management relationship. It designs a study with various hypothetical questions that it seeks to find answers to (Luiz et al., 2013) (Luiz et al., 2013). Either, it develops an easy to understand regression model that helps in the analysis of the findings. I find the information availed in the paper through its findings to be more advantageous to most organizations that want to improve the working relationship between their management and employees.
Liu, Z., Cai, Z., Li, J., Shi, S., & Fang, Y. (2013). Leadership Style and Employee Turnover Intentions: A Social Identity Perspective. Career Development International, 18(3), 305-324.

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