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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:26
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Admission Essay
Admission Essay
Quality, I believe is better than quantity. Since childhood, I have always believed that education and hard work are the surest means to succeed in life. Increased competition from other graduates who are equally qualified for the few opportunities has also made me to realize the significance of academics. I believe that this is also the right time and opportunity to realize my full potential by enrolling for a course in Suffolk University. Indeed, education, training, and experience are the key ingredients not only for ones` success, but also for the prosperity of the society at large. My hard work through my studies at Algahrbiah Model School is evident from my excellent grades. I achieved 95.9 percent during my studies. I believe I am an all rounded student since excel in both academics and core curriculum activities. I am a good soccer player. My other interests include working out and watching movies with friends. All these activities have made me develop close and lasting relationships with my friends.
I strongly believe that Suffolk University is the best institution in which I can continue with my studies. This is because Suffolk University is renowned for its excellent teaching approach and intensive course coverage. Additionally, Suffolk University is located in downtown Boston. I believe that downtown Boston is a serene, decent place within which students can comfortably realize their goals. My most significant priority in Suffolk University is to be versed in all business needs that can make me successful in the future. I, therefore, believe that Suffolk University will offer the best opportunity and environment to pursue my studies. Your consideration will be highly appreciated and valued.

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