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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:19
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I consider myself as culturally diverse. Culture is something that separates people from one another. However, instead of looking at it in a negative light, culture must be used for learning. I am more than willing to further explore the more about diversity. Every time I talk to different people, I learn new things, no matter how petty or random, I still feel lucky that I am given that chance to talk to them. I learned that through striking simple conversations with others, you actually get the chance to open pages of their lives. I can catch a glimpse of their cultural identity. First, my father owns a mini market wherein we get the opportunity to mingle with different people from all walks of life. Customers in our mini market showcase diversity especially in terms of how they communicate with us. Since it was a family business, I got a chance to watch the shop and observe people. There are some customers that can be demanding, but due to my experience in running the shop; I got used to dealing with them. In one encounter, for instance, one customer is looking for an item he needed to cook a local dish (adobo, a Filipino food). I was fascinated with what he was looking for and, as a result, I asked questions about the food. I was thankful for that simple encounter because the conversation allowed me to see how wide culture is. With diversity, I can deepen my knowledge not only in line with the program I wish to enter. It will increase my global competence as a person. This specified competence is needed especially in a world that continues to be borderless. Yes, I am aware that the world is slowly surely becoming smaller because of the different innovation happening across the world. As a culturally diverse person, I am equipped with the principle that the world is not only contained in a box and a singular principle. I have developed my critical thinking because of this belief. As a person, I constantly question established facts because I see it as a way to constantly evolve as a person. Moreover, when I continuously harness my familiarity with different cultures, it will also benefit my professional growth. It will allow me to build linkages with more people and cultures because I can easily integrate myself in their scenario. I also developed my cultural diverse perspective because, as a person I have always put a premium on respect. I value respect, in a sense that I know that there are always far greater things than what I can see and grasp. And as a person, I use this as motivation to constantly push myself to be better in my not only in craft but also in total. I direct all my efforts towards not only academic excellence but growth as a holistic person.
Growing up, I have always enjoyed serving other people. I would define myself as someone patient, caring and passionate. That is why this program fits my personality very well. When my friend shared about the program and how she fell in love with it. I researched about the program and also evaluated myself. I learned that this is something I want to do as a profession. As a field linked to serving patients, I would like to extend my expertise to the people who need my aid.
In line with my desire to be part of the program, I asked my cousin who as in the program if I can volunteer. I graduated last 2003 from Nassau Community College with a degree in Liberal Arts. In my previous college, I was able to take courses related to health such as Anatomy and Physiology. My first exposure to the field of dentistry came from those two subjects. Later on, I got curious about the subject and began to read literatures that enhanced my familiarity with the profession. In the future, I would like to become someone who will serve as a bearer of positivity in society. What is the easiest way to spread positivity than help in protecting people’s smiles? I knew in the future that I would embark on a career path that will be in line with serving other people. I am a person who enjoys helping others that is why I would like to invest my resources in a program that promises just that. During my volunteering stints in hospitals, for example, I was given the opportunity to interact with patients. They voiced out not only medical problems, but also life stories that changed my perception about the dental profession. I soon realized that the profession is not just a job but a vocation towards others. When I encounter patients, I can not help but feel sorry for them, because, at my current state, I can not really be of much help. All I can offer them is my presence, but instead of being disheartened, I chose this realization as my primary fuel to pursue excellence. I venture on exposure trips that I know will add to my familiarity with the profession.
I have always considered myself as a visionary, who looks beyond the façade of things. In simple words, I am curious about the world. My greatest asset would have to be my innovative thinking harnessed due to my exposure with different people. Going back to my University days with Nassau Community College, I would often present ideas which are out-of-the-ordinary. I want to someday contribute to the improvement of dental hygiene. I want to see my ideas and visions turn into reality. My greatest aspiration that serves as my main source of motivation is the hope that one day I would be one of the movers in society. I want to conduct researches coring on finding solutions or early detection to various dental problems. I believe that the prevention is always better than cure. If we can do something about the situation, we must take that opportunity even before the problem actually arises. I am a proactive person that constantly searches for the solution. In addition, I am also willing to share my knowledge with other people. I am also open-minded. I acknowledge that not everyone will agree on my ideas. I take people’s opinion and suggestions as a venue for growth and development.
I also want to travel across the globe to offer my services to people especially those who do not have access to proper dental health services. I would like to be successful in promoting dental hygiene. As a person who enjoys helping others, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing people smile because it marks my efficiency as a professional. It is not a secret that in our current society, there are still people who do not have access to quality dental assistance. I want to extend my skills and talents to serve these people. I have brought my life towards this moment where I would enter a program that fits who I am as a person and a way to voice my advocacies. The journey will be undeniably difficult because of the transition and demands. But, I know that I can overall all of these because, I know that I am not only doing this for myself but for others. I am doing this for the people who will soon put their trust into my shoulders, which I will help solve their dental problems.
Being in a profession in line with serving others, I want to touch as many lives as I can. I do not look at the material compensation because it needs to be always about serving people. I chose this program because it will soon cater to my self-actualization. The brand of education promised by the university made me enthusiastic in applying for the program. I can confidently say that I am a fit for what the program represents. The university is looking for someone who is not only professionally competent but also globally equipped. I feel that my previous experiences have helped me mature as an individual. I have the mind-set that is prepared to take on any challenge that will come my way. I will bring my signature brand of enthusiasm and dedication. In the service profession, it is said that the most you can offer to a patient is yourself. I agree with this saying because when you offer yourself to patients, you give them an unwritten promise that you will do anything in your capability to help them. I will not let their trust go to waste because I will to it that I can give them hope. I see this profession as an outlet to help improve the lives of other people. When they dental hygiene is well-cared off, it will make people more confident with themselves and in the process changing their outlook in life in some way.

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