Ever Your Loving Sister, Eliza Barrymore Creative Writing Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:50
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My dearest brother Selden – I hope this letter finds you safe and sound, and that you have not been apprehended by the authorities as yet. We meet you at a time of considerable danger, as not only have you started to draw suspicion around Baskerville Hall, a series of gruesome murders has begun to take place here! Naturally, I dismiss any suspicion that the responsibility may fall on you, as you are my brother and I know you would not abuse such a sweet chance for freedom. To that end, however, it is my wish to inform you that you may be pursued as a suspect in this case.
Two intrepid independent sleuths, a pair of discerning chaps named Watson and Holmes, have already spent some time here and begun a most thorough investigation into the murder of Sir Charles. We have already dissembled in your favor once, as my husband informed the detective Holmes he had found no footprints on the night of Sir Charles’ death, when in fact you had been there when it occurred. I understand I am bound by the ties of familial love to my dearest brother, therefore I will continue to deflect suspicion as I am so capable, but it is my most ardent counsel that you vacate these premises before you can be discovered.
Leaving Baskerville Hall would serve to provide all parties involved with the utmost safety, both from the authorities and from whatever beastly chimeras are behind these murders. Until we meet again, I am
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