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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:17
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The film on Avalon attempts to explain some factors that are necessary in an organization for it to be successful. The film tends to explain more on the importance of developing an entrepreneurial spirit in a business. From the film, it can be noted that entrepreneurial spirit is necessary for any organization as it enhances its survival. Entrepreneurial spirit can be described as the spirit to start a business opportunity and develop it. Other scholars have defined it as the desire to start something.

However, for entrepreneurial spirit to exist there must be some driving forces that convince the entrepreneur to start the business. They include innovation and passion. This is to mean that the entrepreneur must be creative enough to come up with a business opportunity, as well as, the urge to implement it. From the film, it is evident that entrepreneurs must be courageous and brave enough to implement their business opportunities. This is to mean that persons who have tried earlier should not discourage them. They should always believe in the survival of the business.

Entrepreneurs should also supersede their vision. They should not be limited to their vision, but should even perform better if they are able. This will mean that they can exceed the goals that they set when they were starting the business. The effect of this factor is to ensure that the business has the potential to grow. Therefore, entrepreneurs should not limit their potential, but do all it takes to grow further.

Social pressures cause impatience in entrepreneurs. This is because they are forced to make unsound decisions because of the pressures. These pressures include competition. For example, stiff competition might make entrepreneurs believe that they cannot survive, yet they can. Those who are impatient will just shutdown their business believing that they cannot survive in the industry.

On the other hand, discouragements can also make entrepreneurial spirit of an individual go down. People who have earlier ventured in the business, but failed might discourage entrepreneurs. A person with strong entrepreneurial spirit should not be discouraged by such failures. Instead, the entrepreneur should learn from such persons, and determine where they went wrong. The entrepreneur should also come up with arguments as to why these people failed.

Cultural factors also tend to act as an obstacle for entrepreneurs. As such, entrepreneurs should learn the importance of culture in business. They should be able to respect the customers’ culture, thereby fulfilling their desires. This will increase the business’ potential to grow in terms of size and job creation.

In addition, entrepreneurs have the obligation of creating job opportunities to the society. This becomes a social pressure since the business has the social responsibility to create job opportunities for the people living in the neighborhood. A person with strong entrepreneurial skills will not take this as a social pressure, but as encouragement to increase the business’ potential to grow. This is because it helps the business set certain targets.

All these factors are relevant to the organization altogether. Observing people’s culture helps fulfill the desires of customers. Organizations are determined to provide satisfaction to their customers, which might not be possible if their cultural values are not observed.

Competition is also relevant in an organization as it helps it set higher targets. These higher targets will mean that the organization will have to put more effort for it to survive in the industry. As the organization puts more effort, it increases its potential to grow.

Entrepreneurs should take discouragements from people who have tried earlier, as a stepping-stone to their success. They should be able to determine why past attempts failed and from those reasons make decisions on what to do and what not to do. This is to mean that they should use discouragements as lessons. As such, they should use them to succeed since they guide their actions.

In a nutshell, the film is based on the power of entrepreneurial spirit. It can be determined that this spirit is mainly guided by braveness and courage. It is also evident that learning from customers and patience in business helps the entrepreneur to make the right decisions. Social pressures also help improve organizational ethics. They therefore help the organization increase its potential to grow.



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