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Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:27
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Employee testing is a vital practice that employers embrace when hiring or recruiting new employees and some of the tests that are often carried out in this practice are as outlined below. The first is Integrity test, which measure the experiences of employees from trustworthiness, dependability, reliability among other factors. The aim of this test is to know how individuals who may be employees may perform with dishonesty or antisocially (Meier & Hicklin, 2008).

Another test that is conducted is the job knowledge tests. It uses an array of questions mainly formatted in the form of essays that are to be filled in by a potential employee. The purpose is to know your potential employee’s knowledge of the job

Simulations and work samples are methods of employee testing which focuses on specific job skills and can go further to test interpersonal or organizational skills. These tests require performing similar tasks or resembling those performed at workplaces a good example being the pilot simulation test (Shepard & Russell, 2009). Characters of potential employees are also tested in the personality test and they include optimism, change acceptance, stress Management to name just but a few. These tests measure the ability of reasoning or quick learning.

Cognitive ability tests use problems to measure the ability of an individual is the reasoning and the level of logic among other mental capabilities. This test measures the potential of a person to solve problems related to jobs by providing data about their mental abilities (Lifshitz & Tilson, 2006).
Employers screen the employee for illegal drug use in the drug test. In this test, the potential employee is required to visit a facility of testing for testing. The most fundamental tests include job knowledge and integrity tests because they test the expertise of an individual on the job. In the integrity context, a person is expected to undergo the test because it is able to outline his or her trustworthiness on performance of duties (Meier & Hicklin, 2008).


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