Employee Morale Course Work

Published: 2021-06-21 23:47:11
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Employee morale is fundamental in any workplace since it is directly tied to the productivity. This means that the more dissatisfied and stressed the employees are the more output will plunge. On the other hand, happy workers mean more gets done in a fruitful, healthy work environment. After reading the case study, we understand that the working conditions of Kin Ki workers are poor. As a result, the Ohio Art Company needs to take certain steps that will ensure that their working conditions are improved hence the company will not be profiled in The New York Times for a second time as an enterprise where manual laborers are employed at extremely low wages for lengthy hours and under very poor conditions.

The first step that Ohio Art Company executives need to take is to offer a positive working environment. This will create job satisfaction in the company. What they need to do to create such an environment is to provide for their workers’ needs. A number of services that they need to provide to the employees include work contracts, medical benefits, pensions, employee discount programs, raise the minimum wage as required by the law among others. This will make their employees become loyal to the company and keep them motivated.
The second step is reward and recognition. Personal recognition will be fundamental in building employee motivation and morale. The executives also need to reward the best performing employees. The other imperative step will involve creating an environment where the employees will be free to contribute their ideas and offer their suggestions. This will be important since it will make them be proud of their work and give them a sense of ownership. In addition, the executives need to give the employees freedom to form unions that will be vital in channeling their complaints.

The fourth step will involve developing employee’s skills and potential. This will be possible through offering free training and education in the company. As a result, Kin Ki employees will become more innovative and productive. The last step that Ohio Art Company executives need to take is to evaluate and measure the job satisfaction. They need to practice continuous evaluation to measure the progress as well as determine what exactly needs to be improved. Under this step, employees’ morale, attitudes, and motivation will be measured. If these steps are going to be implemented, the company will not find itself profiled in The New York Times over again.


Kahn, J. (2003, December 7). “Ruse in Toyland: Chinese Workers’ Hidden Woe.” The New York Times, pp. A1, A8.

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