Employee-Employer Conflict Course Work Sample

Published: 2021-06-21 23:48:02
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The choice to quit my previous job with the company that trained me as an interne is not only a concern to me but to the former employer. Through pillow method, I would communicate the stand on this critical decision of my life.
Position 1: I am right and you are wrong
When I decided to quit my previous job, my employer was not too happy. It is true that he was losing an asset he had created but I was grown enough to understand the significance of experience. I had been exposed to exclusive training in the company and I had acquired necessary skills that helped me handle difficult tasks. I was always available when the manager required my contribution I was ready to offer. I knew he would miss that. However, I was more concerned about my experience and exposure in other fields, as well as what I had to do to achieve my life goals.
Position 2: You are right I am wrong
My current employer could not have been concerned until now I am experienced. Therefore, quitting my previous employer who trained me was obviously painful. The knowledge I have in this field is because of the concern of my previous employer to make me knowledgeable. According to him, if I only took some more time in the company, he would have promoted me to a managerial position in the company. He was willing to expose me to high responsibilities that would prepare me to handle extremely difficult situations that managers experience in their duties.
Position 3: both right both wrong
My employer was correct when he claimed that he was concerned of me and would ensure that I am well versed with experience and exposure in work. He was also right to say that he had trained me on the basics of my career and he was ready to expose me to more knowledge in the field. However, the employer was wrong in thinking that all that he had done to me would have made me remain in the company forever. I was right to say that I needed to achieve my goals, which did not seem to come my way soon while in the previous company. However, I was wrong to think I could have achieved my goals overnight.
Position 4: This issue is not as important as it seems
Now that the issue is passed, it does not seem relevant anymore. At the time, we remained in each other’s thoughts when it came to analyzing the issue. However, as time passed and we look back at the situation, it was the best idea at the time to quit the job and search for greener pastures.
Position 5: There is truth in all perspectives
The former employer was right that he had invested extensively in me. It is true that he had converted my naivety in the field into expertise. He had good thoughts for me and he was willing to define my success as an expert while in his company. It is true that all the skills I had were because of his exclusive effort in making me knowledgeable. On the other hand, I was also correct to dictate where I wanted to achieve my success. I was right to move to another company that seemed to offer a better position for my growth. In addition, it was okay for me to dictate that I solely needed change in my working environment and settle in an environment that was essentially satisfactory.

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