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Published: 2021-06-21 23:37:15
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Fahim, K. (2014). Egyptian Tourism’s Message to World: Come Anyway. The New York Times, Middle East. Retrieved from

The resort business in Egypt is under threat. The article Egyptian Tourism’s Message to World: Come Anyway, written by Kareem Fahim for The New York Times, tells about a new advertising campaign that Egypt’s ministry of tourism launched recently to draw more tourists to the country. Kareem

Fahim writes that “political turmoil” (Fahim 2014) that lasts for 4 years estranged many tourists from Egypt. It provoked a lot of economic problems for those people, whose income depends on tourism.

The article shows the problem from the inside and helps to understand its scale. The author made a deep research of the situation, presented interviews and statistic information, and made some predictions for the future.

The Report: Emerging Egypt 2008. (2008). London: Oxford Business Group. Retrieved from

While in Cairo and other Egyptian cities, there are performances in defense of democracy, in the resort towns, tourists calmly relax and luxuriate in the sun. The only thing worth to refuse is excursions to the pyramids and Luxor. As for beach holidays, there is no threat to tourists in hotels and resorts. The Report: Emerging Egypt 2008 published by Oxford Business Group provides a complex information about economic, political and social life in Egypt. It is a good guide to the country for tourists, who is going to research deeply the country. A country of ancient monuments and modern comfort continues to wait for guests.

At first, the book presents the history of the country, its climate, geography and general facts, then it provides more specific information. The Business Guide provides the information about new laws and taxes in Egypt. Political Oerview narrates numerous political changes that have taken place in the country in recent years. There are articles about liberal reform, fighting for the rights of women, voting for the transparency and Egypt’s position as a foreign mediator.

Of course, the information is dated by 2008, but in such fields as history, culture, or places to visit, it is very useful.
The part dedicated to tourism presents articles on the topics of national security. It raises the questions of tourists concerns about security near the historical and natural attractions in Egypt. Besides a short overview of the situation in the Middle East, the book gives a complex understanding of the touristic opportunities in the country.

There is information about beaches and resorts in Egypt with good advices according to the expectations and budget.


Fahim, K. (2014). Egyptian Tourism’s Message to World: Come Anyway. The New York Times,MIDDLE EAST. Retrieved from
The Report: Emerging Egypt 2008. (2008). London: Oxford Business Group. Retrieved from

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