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Published: 2021-06-21 23:49:53
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- “Raising the minimum wage will ultimately bring about more harm than good to the majority of people working minimum wage jobs” is the thesis statement of the analyzed text, which contains the claim that minimum wages should in fact not be increased, as it impacts the minimum wage workers. The claim is solid and consistent, determining the further growth of the information.
- The introductory paragraph places readers in front of an economic text that uses simple and modest yet competent concepts, indicating the writer’s fair minded and familiarity with the discussed topic.
- - what they fail to see is that increasing the minimum wage would actually force employers to cut the number of workers they have and thus making it harder for people to be hired.;
- raising the minimum wage is actually an ineffective way to help the poor.
- When employers are forced to increase minimum wage they are forced to make cut back this is usually in the form of reduced hours for employees and the reduction of new job opportunities for people looking for jobs;
- Another way to strengthen the argument that the minimum wage shouldn’t be raised is to look at who will actually be hurt by it being raised it hurts teenagers and the poor.
- if the minimum wage increases, it will cause skilled workers to be paid less, to make up for the unskilled being paid more.
These are the sections from the text that reflect an opposing view to the increasing of the minimum wage salary, which the author introduced fluently, setting a clear transition and sufficient arguments to sustain each opposing point. Likewise, the counterarguments to these opposing points do not lack, although in general, the tone of the work is more inclined towards not sustaining the increasing of the minimum wages.
- Although in general the text follows a well-defined structure, there is one single paragraph that is problematic: “All this can effective us by not getting jobs and making it difficult for our everyday living. This would make minimum wage jobs more appealing to poorer Americans”. This paragraph has a thesis sentence, but no further statements to develop the topic sentence.
- Generally, the writer develops strong reasoning. However, when explaining about the American poverty problem as related to the Americans’ refusal to work, waiting for the government assistance welfare, more information would be needed for understanding the direct relation between why the minimum salaries cannot be increased and the governmental welfares.
- Regarding the evidences for supporting the pro or counter arguments for increasing the minimum salaries, there are not sufficient data or statistics. The article would be much improved if statistics were presented showing the actual number of the workers that depend on the minimum salary and how they vary in time. Likewise, specific simulations of how economy would be affected by the increasing of the minimum salaries would also bring a considerable plus for the article.
- The writer failed to properly use MLA citation, because it only mentioned the authors, without providing the page numbers from where the information was taken. Apart from this, I consider that the writer analyzed and interpreted the employed sources rightfully.
- Regarding the organization of the essay, I find that it is structured on Pro – Con model. Nevertheless, some ideas included in different paragraphs repeat, making paragraphs seem redundant. However, the author employs the emphatic order.
- The conclusion of the analyzed text does emphasize the thesis claim, summarizing the entire article main supporting reasons.
- The conclusion reminds the readers the logic behind the counter arguments to raising the minimum wages, suggesting the consequences of such a social phenomenon, determining the readers to reconsider the increasing of the minimum wages at the cost of a negative economy.
- Overall, the strength of this essay stays in the fact that the writer succeeds to provide solid arguments for not increasing the minimum salary. However, the writer does not disregard the counter arguments, presenting them in a clear and elucidated manner.
- For revising the paper, I would like to suggest the writer to check the spelling and the typos, on an aesthetical level. On a structural level, the writer should revise the redundant arguments and reorganize them.

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