Does This Company Have A Competitive Advantage Over Others Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:44:10
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Is the business viable?
Grameen Danone Foods limited is a company that was initiated in Bangladesh (Bogra District). Ideally, the business is a viable one. First, the choice of the products and the objectives behind the formation of the organization forms the basis of its viability. The market is large but not capable. The Grameen Danone Foods management department is deemed to be aware of the market nature. It started as a private organization and later neutralizes its major objective by being a non-government organization.
It is easier to navigate the market in partnership with other non-governmental organization. For instance, the business has merged its activities with the CARE local non-governmental organization in its business. Otherwise, the business provides nutritionally rich products which are preferred by the is one of the reasons the non-governmental organizations play a part in running a joint Rural Sales program.
Grameen Danone Foods limited is a company that has established its business endeavors within numerous investors. However, the level of competition against the Grameen Danone is relatively low. This means that the company has a competitive advantage over the others. First, it has differentiated products with all rounded features. The features favor a wide scope of the market due to the distinct features of taste, texture, packaging, price and color. For instance, the company has products Shokti+ and Mishit Doi as different products.
Most of the indirect competitors lack a competitive marketing strategy. However, Grameen Danone Foods Limited has partnered with other organizations to make the marketing process easier. Particularly, the partnership it has with the CARE nongovernmental organization gives it an advantage of the marketing plan. They are a suitable guide in terms of accessing market that prefers nutrition.

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