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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:44
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We live in a complex world and as human beings require a deeper understanding of the world around it. We learn from about the existence of the world and also learn from it. This in turn affects our daily way of life and our activities. A paradigm is defined as a pattern or a way of interpreting information. It is a unique description of thoughts and concepts including distinct sensory information. The work paradigm describes the way we are designed to operate in the work area and the adaption of different paradigm shifts (Fineman pg 12). The following essay describes my personal work paradigm and the different aspects of the paradigm that shapes my work situation.
How the paradigm started
It is interesting how human behavior at the work place can affect one’s contribution. Different individuals adopt unique work paradigms according to numerous determinants. My work paradigm started when changed jobs. Unlike my previous job, my new job required a comprehensive work plan. This eventually created a work paradigm for me where I had a compact daily work routine. Therefore, this created my paradigm at work, enabling me to perform in a certain manner on a daily basis at work.
What has kept the paradigm in place?
The main factor that has kept the paradigm in place is the daily work routine. At the work place, I am constantly carrying out the same duties and responsibilities. The same repeated routines are among the major factors that have enabled me to maintain this type of paradigm. Moreover, I have grown to love and appreciate my work paradigm despite of other negative influences. This has in turn enabled me to carry out my daily routines effortless.
What is the value of the paradigm to your employer or family; its need for change, if any?
My daily work paradigm has enabled me to create a proper work plan. This has greatly both my employer and my family at large. As an employee, the ability to have well outlined responsibilities and a properly defined work plan enables me to work efficiently and effectively. This is because I am able to understand my daily routine and work well under minimal or no supervision hence making the employers work easier and increase productivity. In addition, my family also benefits greatly, this is because, with a daily work paradigm, I have an understandable routine that enables me to incorporate family time. However, there is constant need to need the work paradigm from time to time so as to prevent cases of monotony.
Creative uses of the paradigm;
The work paradigm can be creatively used at the work place to increase one’s contribution to the work and also to also get a promotion. Using the paradigm creatively can be employed to reduce patterns of monotony and boredom (Fineman 16).This on a larger scale requires one to adopt different types of work paradigms depending on the work environment and use them in an innovative way.
Creative shifts of the paradigm that might be useful;
Shifts in the paradigm are the main changes in the pattern or manner in which something is done. Shifts in the work paradigm affects the way in which a given job or process is accomplished. At the work place, I adopted the use of new and available technology to create a shift in my work paradigm. This is a creative way of ensuring that the work paradigm does not become monotonous. Nevertheless, this also increases productivity at the work place. Another creative shift of the work paradigm that is considered useful is the ability to view business from a different perceptive rather than money- making. This allows one to be more open minded and bring in innovative hence shifting the work paradigm.
Paradigm outlines a distinct pattern of thoughts or processes that are part of our daily routine. A paradigm can define an individual’s way of life. My daily experiences at the work place highlight my work paradigm. It displays a unique routine that I constantly follow each day. My work paradigm has enabled me to define my work plan, connect easily with my daily work and benefiting largely my employer and my family. Creative shifts of my work paradigm such as the use of new technology are equally helpful in maintaining my work paradigm.
Works cited
Fineman, Stephen. "Appreciating emotion at work: paradigm tensions." International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion 1.1 (2005): 4-19.

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