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Published: 2021-06-21 23:35:28
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Admission Essay to University of Minnesota: Dental Hygiene Degree Program
Having been born and grown up in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, my background is a multicultural one. Since relocating three years ago to the U.S., my current employment as a hotel front desk supervisor has given me ample opportunity to interact with people and to help them – a primary motivation for me to become a dental hygienist. My background and upbringing, my humanitarian interests and my life experiences have motivated me to embark on this program, which will lead me to fulfil my ambition to serve the public as a dental hygienist.
As a young woman growing up in Ethiopia I became aware that people there were unaware of dental hygiene and its importance to general health. Hence dental hygiene was virtually unknown as a result. If I can qualify as a dental hygienist and so make a real difference to people’s lives, I know I will have achieved my objective, particularly if I can return to work in Ethiopia, where there is a desperate need for such services. I also know that my upbringing there and my knowledge of the native languages will more readily help me to satisfy that need. I believe my greatest strength is that burning desire inside me to help people who need the help I can give, which will drive me on through the demands of the curriculum. If I have a weakness it is possibly that I tend to put the needs of others above my own, but when I see the struggles of some of my fellow countrymen and women, it is difficult for me to be otherwise.
I have taken most of the pre-requisite courses needed for this program, with just a few remaining that are in progress now. Those will be completed in the coming Spring Semester.

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