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Published: 2021-06-21 23:46:33
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One sports organization that has poor customer service is Richardson Motor Sports of Richardson, Texas (“Richardson Motor Sports,” 2013). It is a private company that offers dealership and repair services for sports vehicles, such as motorcycles, motor scooters, and jet skis among others.

Some of the complaints against this company include being charged for parts without first being advised of such (“Complaint Review,” 2006). Some customers have also complained that the company charges much more than similar companies within the area. In addition, some customers claimed that the company failed to address the customers’ concerns in a timely manner and failed to rectify their actions to the point of even being rude and unaccommodating towards the customer (“Richardson Motor Sports,” 2013; “Complaint Review,” 2013).

Some recommendations for improvement include upper management becoming more involved in the company’s customer service initiatives and becoming more aware of the problems. This will enable them to steer the company towards a more customer service-oriented culture. More specifically, upper management has the capability of promoting behaviors and performance that are customer-service-oriented among their employees.

Aside from making it clear to the entire organization that providing quality customer service is part of its strategic goals, upper management should also provide their employees with trainings on customer service as not everyone may be aware of how to provide quality customer service and not everyone may realize its importance. As well, it would be recommended that the company take steps to rectify any poor customer service that customers have experienced in order to minimize the damage done. In particular, they can do this by offering refunds or free add-on products or services to these customers.


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