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Published: 2021-06-21 23:50:53
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Information systems management (ISM) is the use of information technology to support major roles and actions of public or private organizations, institutions or companies. Previously organizations considered the management of raw materials, capital and labor as the only significant subject matter (Laudon& Laudon n.p.) However, the management and security of information is also critical in recent times. ISM enables the compilation, handling, storage, distribution and utilization of an organization’s resources. Many adverse impacts of new technology advancements and employees bringing portable digital devices the research paper will explore how organizations can prevent network intrusion.
Majority of companies store sensitive and confidential information in their files this includes credit card information, security numbers and many more account information that relates to employees and clients. However, if this kind of information ends up in the wrong hands, it can lead to malice such as fraud and theft. It is, therefore, critical to have up-to-date information systems. Network intrusion is defined as unauthorized access to a network. Organizations should establish intrusion detection systems this is done in two ways; contracting specialists and using in-house employees who have specialized in IT (Sommer&Paxon n.p.).
There are five principles that organizations should adhere to before developing security plans protect information systems. First, the organizations should take stock of all personal information that is in the information system management and very computer. Next the organization should get rid of any unnecessary information and retain significant data. The retained data should be properly stored in a secure place. Finally, organizations should create recommendations and procedures in case of network intrusion and notify all employees (Maier n.p.)
Hackers have become proficient in committing cybercrimes by modus operandi, which experts refer to as the ability to break into employee’s portable devices and leapfrog into employer’s networks and stealing vital information. Modus operandi leaves no traces, so digital forensics has difficulty in tracing the culprits (Gutmann, 75). Studies have shown that the best way of combating network intrusion is through barring employees from carrying personal digital devices. However, this is an expensive affair, as companies would be forced to supply employees with laptops and mobile phones; that employee would use while at work. Nevertheless, when the protection of sensitive information is in the balance organizations should brace the suggestion.
In conclusion, organizations should prepare to face more hurdles in the protection of information systems due to the growth of technology and its complex nature. By imposing strict policies in the handling, storage and distribution of data organizations prevent potential losses. However, it is important to update the information management systems constantly because of the volatile nature of concepts related to technology.
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